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   Chapter 406 A Little Foodie

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The warmth of her family was always sentimental. She regretted that she didn't bring Noah

with her directly, or such a thing wouldn't have happened.

Noah had been missing for so long, Violet was so anxious and sad that she couldn't stop crying.

"But he is missing now."

She closed her eyes in agony.

It was already dark outside. She didn't know where Noah could go to have a rest.

Was he looking for her too?

It was all her fault.

Then she told her parents that she was looking for Noah today.

The parents of the Tang family were shocked by the disappearance of Noah. Melisa said indignantly, "What did I say? He won't be nice to the child just because he is not his biological son."

She was sure that Patrick didn't treat her sincerely.

Violet had lost all her strength to defend for him, and all her attention was on Noah.

"I went to look for him today, but I didn't find him anywhere I could find. Tomorrow, I will go to the suburb with Patrick. The television station will also broadcast the notice of finding the missing. " 'I hope I can find him...'

Violet prayed in her heart.

The parents of the Tang family also hoped to find their child. They hadn't even taken a look at their grandson yet.

"What does he look like? He is so smart. Maybe he has been here before,"

Liam reminded.

Since Noah could fly to City B by plane and find the hotel where Violet lived, why couldn't he come here?

It was not until then that Violet realized that Noah also had the address.

She showed the photo of her cell phone to her parents, hoping that they had met Noah in the community. In this way, she had a greater chance of finding Noah.

Melisa took the phone and looked at the child on it, feeling soft in her heart.

She thought about what Violet's child would look like many times, and she had dreamed of it countless times.

At this moment, the child was in front of her, but she could not touch it.

Melisa touched the face of Noah on the screen and couldn't help but feel sad.

"This child is so beautiful. Liam, look."

Her eyes suddenly froze. She pu


There was a scent of chicken drumstick in the air. Looking at the innocent look on Bowen's face, Terence felt helpless.

"Little glutton."

He gently touched Bowen's nose, showing his love for him.

Isla was so shocked that she almost touched Terence's forehead. Terence looked so 'strange'. She wondered if Terence had a fever?

However, Terence felt good about himself. He turned to Bowen and said, "We are going to the hospital today. We need an injection."

Although his tone was soft, the two words 'injection' made Isla frown.

Did Terence do it on purpose because he didn't want to do the paternity test?

'Which child likes injection? What if Bowen doesn't go to the hospital?'

"Injection?" Bowen thought, tilting his head.

He thought that he had already known that he would have an injection today, but how could he behave so that no one would see through his flaw?

Not to mention that Isla couldn't figure out what was on Bowen's mind, even if Terence thought he didn't know the process of injection, he kindly reminded him, "Well, the nurse will insert the needle into your body and draw out a tube of blood."

Terence pointed at the length of the blood and frowned.

He wanted to make it clear to Bowen that he always felt sorry for the child to have a paternity test.

"Okay." Terence couldn't help wondering why Bowen was so calm.

"Oh? Bowen, aren't you afraid? "

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