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   Chapter 405 Bring The Child Back

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"Okay. Be careful on the way."

She stood on the street and watched Patrick leave.

She didn't feel a little relieved until Patrick's car disappeared into the darkness.

Just now, when she asked Patrick if he should visit her parents, her heart trembled.

She was not sure what this tremble meant, but her heart told her that she actually did not want Patrick to pay a visit.

Why would she have such an idea?

Violet shook her head and buried her thoughts.

"Violet, who was the car parked downstairs just now?" When Violet returned home, her parents couldn't help but ask.

They knew that Violet went to see a friend, but she called her at noon and said that she was busy. The two elders had been thinking about it, so they stood on the balcony to watch.

Finally, Violet came back, but she was sent back by a black car.

Liam had some knowledge about the car. Although it was in the middle of the night, he could tell that the car was valuable. Then the person sitting inside...

"My friend sent me back," Violet said frankly, without any promise.

Patrick would visit the Tang family sooner or later. If her parents knew that Patrick had come and left, they would probably have a bad impression on him in the future.

"Oh, a friend."

Liam and Melisa looked at each other awkwardly. They wanted to ask more, but after thinking for a while, they gave up.

Violet and Terence had just divorced. At Violet's age, they were fine now. If there was a suitable candidate for marriage, they would not object to their relationship.

Although Violet said that she had a boyfriend abroad, according to the two elders, it was better to find a boyfriend in City B. After all, they also wanted to be close to each other.

"Dad, mom, I have something to tell you."

Violet was so absorbed in the matter of Noah that she didn't notice her parents' thoughts. She thought for a while and finally decided to confess Noah's existence to her parents.

Seeing the serious look on Violet's face, Tang family's parents became serious.

"Actually, I..." Violet thought a lot, but when she was about to

iolet, are you out of your mind? "

Originally, when Violet told them that she was with Patrick, they didn't agree.

Violet had lost her memory. Did Patrick also lose it?

He knew clearly the relationship between Violet and Terence, but he was still with Violet. What was he thinking about?

Now, they heard that Patrick treated Violet's child as his own, and they couldn't believe it either. Patrick would treat Noah well.

"I trust Patrick. He will be good to Noah all his life," Violet said firmly.

She had been with Patrick for four years. She could see clearly what Patrick had done in the past four years.

Child were the most sensitive. Even Noah liked Patrick, so she was more relieved.

Melisa wanted to say something more, but Liam stopped her and said, "Don't try to figure it out first. Do you know who is the father of the child, Violet?"

Violet shook her head. If she knew it clearly, the past four years would not be so simple.

Liam sighed and said, "Bring the child back."

They needed a child at home.

Violet was surprised. She kept explaining before, but now Liam agreed with the child.

"Dad, mom, are you willing to accept my Noah?" She was not sure.

Hearing Liam's words, Melisa no longer questioned. She could understand what Liam was thinking.

Liam nodded.

"No matter whose child he is, he is our grandchild."

Liam's words almost made Violet cry.

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