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   Chapter 404 Prove His Innocence

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Now, Terence was taking care of his child openly, which didn't take divorce seriously at all.

Jordan regretted telling Isla about Terence's divorce. Now there was no medicine for regret. He could only explain, "Isla, it was Violet who proposed to divorce first."

When Terence called him, he was also surprised and tried to dissuade him.

Others didn't know what Terence thought of Violet, but he knew it clearly.

When Terence was lying on the bed, he always called the name of Violet in his sleep. He was so affectionate. Now that Violet had come back, how could he let her go so easily?

But Terence told him what Violet was thinking. Terence could do anything for Violet. It didn't matter if they divorced.

"How, how could it be possible?" Isla didn't believe it at all. Even though Violet had changed a little, she was still Violet.

Why did she divorce Terence as soon as she came back? What did she want?

Terence felt deeply sorry for Isla. He knew how well Isla treated him. Especially when he was hysterical, no one in the Gu family knew that he was ill. If it weren't for Isla's care, he might have been more serious.

Facing Isla's confusion, Terence said frankly, "She came back this time just to divorce. She is living with Patrick abroad."

Although he was unwilling to admit it, it was the truth.

Isla didn't agree with Terence's words. She said impatiently, "Why did she go abroad? I'm afraid it's because of you. "

Terence didn't ask why Violet left that year, and neither did Violet mention it. It was a secret between them. As an onlooker, Isla knew Violet well.

It was impossible for Violet to choose to leave without anything happening. And she was with Patrick.

Thinking of what had happened in the past, Terence was discouraged.

His plan had been messed up by Smith. He had lost both the Buddha's head and his wife.

"Don't mention her anymore. We have nothing to do with each other." Terence shook his head with a heavy heart.

He missed Violet very much when she didn't come back. After Violet came back, he

e going to have a paternity test tomorrow.

Did it mean that his wish would come true soon?

With the joy of realizing her dream, Bowen fell asleep.

Violet and Patrick searched for the whole day, but they didn't find Noah. He seemed to be playing hide and seek with them. Every time they found traces, they couldn't find him.

Could it be that she had to release the notice of looking for someone in City B in the way of Patrick's suggestion?

"Go to bed early. Tomorrow I will go to the TV station to release the notice of looking for someone. Later we will go to the suburb to look for him."

Patrick drove the car to the downstairs of Tang family and comforted her in a low voice.

He didn't plan to tell Violet about it. But as Bowen disappeared for a longer time, he could not hide it.

Violet nodded. She had no choice but to do so.

As soon as she put her hand on the door, she suddenly remembered that Patrick hadn't greeted her parents yet. She couldn't help asking, "Are you going upstairs?"

As her nominal husband and Noah's father. He came to City B and was supposed to visit her parents.

Patrick looked at Violet with softer eyes. He glanced at the time and said indifferently, "It's late today. And I don't bring any gifts. I won't to go upstairs this time. I'll pay a visit when I find Noah. "

Violet nodded, opened the door and walked out.

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