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   Chapter 403 You Are Not A good guy either

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6983

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"Terence, did you do anything wrong to Violet?"

Isla couldn't help but doubt.

For a long time, no one dared to mention Violet's leaving, fearing that Terence would take things too hard.

But if Terence did something wrong to Violet, then Violet's leaving would be easy to explain. She had been cursed for so many years because of Terence's betrayal.

Isla stared at Terence angrily, as if she wanted to fight with him.

"What can I do?" Terence didn't take it seriously. He picked up Bowen and went to the dining room.

"Come on, son. Let's have chicken drumsticks."

Bowen was listening to the gossip, and suddenly felt a little nervous when he was held up by Terence. When he heard the word 'drumstick', he became excited again.

"Okay, let's have the drumstick."

The father and son were busy at the table, but Isla wouldn't let them go easily.

When she was about to catch up with him, Jordan stopped her.

"Don't talk too much in front of the child,"

He reminded Isla. After all, Bowen was innocent.

Jordan's words made Isla's roar stop for a while. Looking at Bowen's smiling face, she could only glare at Jordan to relieve her depression.

Well, she could let Terence go for the time being, but she had to make it clear!

Obviously, Bowen sensed that 'aunt' was so angry that she seemed to want to eat him. He looked at the drumstick in his hand and handed it to her. One sect said innocently, "Aunt Isla, would you like some drumsticks?"

He saw that aunt was only holding chopsticks and didn't eat anything. The drumsticks on the table were placed in front of him by Terence. His aunt was unable to compete with him for food and wanted to eat it very much, so she had such an expression.

Well, it must be so.

Bowen's innocent behavior made the two men at the table a little stunned. When they came to their senses, they laughed again.

They really didn't know who did Bowen look like?

Jordan glanced at Terence without being noticed. The more he looked at Bowen, the more he felt that he looked like Terence?

Isla was s

, more careful than Emily.

She always felt that Violet's leaving was not right. She owed Terence. So she wanted to take good care of Terence to ease Violet's guilt. But she was wrong. All her guilt was nothing at all. Terence never lacked her care.

Seeing Isla] crying, Terence had a headache.

What was wrong with him?

Why did you make Isla cry?

Terence winked at Jordan and asked him to coax Isla. He couldn't even coax his own wife, let alone other people's.

Jordan stood aside. He had never had the right to speak when Isla quarreled with Terence. His heart ached when he saw his wife crying. He glanced at Terence discontentedly and comforted her, "Isla..."

"Don't touch me. You are not a good person either."

As soon as his arm touched Isla's shoulder, she dodged it. She was interrupted before she could finish her words.

Jordan felt helpless and wondered why he was involved in this matter again?

Jordan remained silent. As soon as he appeared, Isla realized that it was Jordan who handled the divorce between Terence and Violet. She said angrily, "Why didn't you tell me before you handle the divorce for them? Is divorce a game? "

What's more, she wanted to say that Violet was a fool. She even divorced Terence for no reason, and she didn't fight for the family property. But as far as she knew about Violet, that silly girl might not win at all.

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