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   Chapter 402 Treasures Picked Up On The Street

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"Maybe you don't know that you have a child?" Bowen murmured.

"What?" Terence didn't hear it clearly and asked.

"Nothing." Bowen shouted, "Okay."

This was exactly what he wanted. In fact, he was afraid that Terence would not like him, but now it seemed that Terence must like him very much.

Being liked by others would certainly make people happy, and being liked by Terence was the happiest thing for Bowen.

"Son, I have a son now."

Terence grabbed Bowen's short legs and ran happily.

Bowen grabbed Terence's head and was so happy that he was about to fly.

His father, his real father.

"Hello." When Terence and Bowen were having a good time, Jordan called them all of a sudden.

Terence answered the phone without hesitation.

"Terence, where are you? Come to my house for dinner tonight,"

Jordan invited.

He was one of the few people who knew about Terence's divorce. Terence's divorce procedures were specially approved, so he was naturally able to help. Jordan thought that last night, when Terence was most depressed, he would calm down after he vented his anger.

So he invited Terence to his house tonight to relieve his boredom.

"I'm in the amusement park. Your home? No," Terence refused directly. He was having a good time with his son. How could he allow others to step in.

What's more, he wouldn't go to the house of the Luo family since the little devil was there.

Hearing that Terence was in the amusement park, Jordan was so surprise that his jaw almost dropped.

Who was Terence? He didn't go to the amusement park when he was a child, let alone now.

"Amusement park! Why are you going there? " Jordan asked in disbelief.

"Play with the kids," Terence said casually.

Seeing that Bowen went to the pool to play with water again, Terence was afraid that he would fall into the pool, so he quickly ran over.

"Which amusement park? I'm coming to you." Jordan's words came through. Terence told him the address and hung up the phone.

"Son, if you want to play with water. I'll take you to a good place," Terence held up Bowen from behind and comforted him.

It was natural for children to play with

t for a while and said to Bowen, "Son, uncle Luo has a big drumstick. Shall we go?"

He could think of Jordan's intention, but with the presence of Bowen, everything was up to Bowen.

How could Bowen know what he was thinking about? All he knew was that there were chicken drumsticks.

"Let's go!" Bowen answered without hesitation.

"Okay, my son can do whatever he wants," Terence said proudly.

It took Jordan a lot of effort to recover from the shock. Was he sure that he didn't find the wrong person?

In the Luo family.

Jordan and Isla stared at Bowen for a long time. Bowen pretended to be shy in front of others. Although he was shy, he let others look at him.

"He looks like Terence,"

Isla concluded.

Jordan nodded. Although he suspected that the child was kidnapped by Terence, he was similar to Terence when he was a child.

"Baby, how old are you?" Isla asked softly.

"Three years and seven months. I'm going to celebrate my birthday in five months,"

Bowen said loudly.

The two of them looked at each other. At that time, Violet should still be at home.

Then who was the mother of Terence's child?

"Stop thinking about it. Bowen is my son," Terence sat beside Bowen and said arrogantly.

He didn't care who was the father of Bowen. As long as his parents didn't show up, he would raise him all the time. But in his heart, Bowen was his son. This kind of confirmation had nothing to do with blood.

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