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   Chapter 398 The Embarrassment Of A Tough Man

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7310

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Terence felt relieved. Looking at Bowen in front of him, he felt warm in his heart as if he was sent by God to save him.

Although Bowen was not very big, he ate a lot. Besides a bowl of egg custard, he also ate ten dumplings. This was something that had never happened in Bowen's history of eating.

But Terence didn't know about it. He just thought that children's appetite should be like this. Therefore, in order to make Bowen eat more in the future, he tried every means to cook.

"Senior uncle, will you take me in?" Bowen asked uneasily before going to bed.

Terence kept silent. He had never thought about what his life would be like after he had a child. And this child was picked up.

"If you don't call me 'senior uncle' anymore, I can consider it," he said half-jokingly.

Bowen protested, "I felt kin to call you senior uncle. Bowen has never called anyone else this name."

After dinner, Bowen accepted his new identity.

Terence's heart softened. It turned out that Bowen called him that because of this reason. Unique address?

He loved it so much. What should he do?

"Go to the police station tomorrow to see if anyone has reported the case. If not, I'll take you in,"

Terence said in an imposing manner.

He always felt that he was much younger when he was with Bowen. It was probably his luck to have such a child to accompany him.

Bowen fell asleep soundly. He was not afraid that Terence would go to the police station. No one would report the case anyway.

That night, Bowen slept soundly. He even dreamed that he went to outer space and became a superman to protect the earth.

However, Terence had a dream floating above the sea. He suddenly felt a piece of wet water. Terence, who was still in his dream, doubted what it was, so he touched it again.

This time, he was sure that what he touched was 'water'.

But where did the 'water' come from on his bed?

Terence was overjoyed from his sleep. The sun had risen in the sky, making the room warm.

Bowen slept soundly next to him. His lovely sleeping posture made Terence want to kiss him.

He support himself with one of his hand on the bed. When he was

be able to show his strength in the business world in the future.

But no matter what would happen in the future, the current problem needed to be solved.

His plan was complicated. It was put on record, registered and adopted.

At Bowen's age, he couldn't explain so much.

But Bowen had already doubted him, so he said, "I was wrong. Let's go to the amusement park." Anyway, it didn't matter if Bowen was not in the police station. Most importantly, Bowen should be happy.

"Amusement park... Really? " Hearing that she couldn't go to the police station, Bowen confirmed again.

He didn't forget that Terence had taken him to the police station since last night. In Bowen's mind, Terence was so stupid that he really didn't know how he managed the Gu group.

Seeing that Bowen was finally happy, Terence comforted him in his heart.

But now Bowen was wearing his T-shirt, which made him feel more familiar.

Bowen brought a suitcase with him, which was full of toys and even no decent clothes. Terence thought it was necessary to buy some clothes for Bowen.

"We have to go shopping mall before we go there," he took the opportunity to make a request.

Without any hesitation, Bowen said, "Oh, senior uncle is the best!"

Then he climbed on Terence, held his face and kissed him.

As long as he didn't go to the police station, he didn't care where he would go.

Terence was in a good mood after being kissed by Bowen.

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