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   Chapter 396 They Finally Had Nothing To Do With Each Other

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Violet didn't know what to say. Was it because of fate or because things changed?

"The first time I saw you, you were on a blind date..."

Terence looked at the coffee shop and said in a softer tone.

Listening to Terence's story of their first meeting, a wonderful feeling spread in her mind. Violet blushed and didn't know what to do.

It seemed to be a stranger's story, but she understood that it was her own story. She no longer resisted, no longer embarrassed, as if she had accepted the past, and also accepted herself.

"I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. Although there are a lot of quarrels between us, I always think that our marriage is very happy. I didn't know that I had already lost you. "

Terence looked at the lake and sighed sadly. It was the first time that Violet saw his tenderness, and she suddenly felt pity for him.

She thought that maybe she was also reluctant to leave Terence. She could only feel relieved by severing their connection as soon as possible.

She didn't know what to say to comfort Terence who was so sad. She was afraid that she would fall into this kind of weakness and be unable to extricate herself.

As the lights were turned on, the surroundings were shrouded in a colorful light.

The moat had been the most important for the development of City B over the years. The two sides of the river had become good places for vacation and relaxation. The warm place had become the last farewell between Violet and Terence.

Terence said a lot, and Violet heard a lot.

The more she heard, the more reluctant she was to leave. But she told herself in her heart that she had to leave.

Thinking of her son, nothing could stop her.

Terence sent Violet back to the hospital, and his assistant handed him a document. Violet thought Terence had something else to do and was about to leave.


Terence suddenly said.

Violet stopped and looked at Terence in confusion.

It suddenly occurred to her that she had not returned the suit to Terence, she took it off and handed it to him.

But Terence didn

at all.

He had no choice but to take the child to his office.

After a car accident, even if he was not hurt, it was a big blow to the child's heart.

Fortunately, after coming to Terence's office, the child's mood gradually calmed down. He didn't cry anymore. Instead, he sat on the sofa pitifully, feeling wronged.

His body was small, and now sitting on the large sofa, he looked more petite. Terence's heart softened in an instant. He poured a glass of warm water for the child. He remembered that Isla seemed to have stuffed some snacks into his fridge last time, so he took them out for the child.

The baby had fair skin and a pair of bright big eyes, which made Terence feel familiar.

The baby pouted and felt wronged. His cherry like red lips were soft.

Terence didn't talk much before, but now he had a lot to ask. He asked softly, "What's your name? Where did mom and dad go? "

How could a child at such a young age go out alone without his parents' company. In order to find his parents as soon as possible, Terence had to ask.

The child pouted and his tear fell down again.

"Woo... Woo..."

The crying of the child was especially harsh in the dark night, but Terence did not feel disgusted, but only felt pity for it.

He noticed that the child was carrying his schoolbag, probably not long after school. Some careless parents must have lost their children.

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