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   Chapter 394 Let Her Go

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7478

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Not to mention anything else, Liam couldn't stand Jasmine alone.

After Violet got married, Jasmine came back from abroad. What happened today must have happened a lot in the past, and how much injustice his daughter had suffered?

It was not that Terence was not good, but that he was not able to adjust the relationship between his wife and his family. Liam was not satisfied with this.

"Dad..." This time, Violet finally understood what Liam meant. With a voice liked a spoiled child, she gave a big hug to Liam, who was still lying on the bed.

Liam patted on Violet's back with a loving look on his face.

"My little princess, as long as you are happy, I am willing to do anything."

Tears welled up in Violet's eyes again. She didn't know that her parents were so good to her. She didn't want to leave.

If she moved back... Violet suddenly had such an idea.

"Liam." Melisa was also gratified. She felt sorry for Liam since she saw him worry about Violet. But Liam was so stubborn that he couldn't listen to any persuasion.

This time, it was rare for Liam to think it through. How could she not be happy for him?

For so many years, the health of Liam had become her top priority.

Liam looked at Melisa gently with affection in his eyes.

"Well, from now on, no matter where we go, we will be fine as long as we are together."

He could figure out everything that he couldn't figure out before. Liam's sudden change surprised Violet again.

"Dad, are you going to Norway with me?"

She had said so many times, but Liam didn't agree. Now did he agree?

The joy in Violet's eyes could not be concealed. Seeing the surprised look on Melisa's face, Liam knew that his decision was right. He replied, "Your mother looked forward to going abroad when she was young. Now she has the chance to realize her dream when she was young."

"Who wants to go abroad? I was going to be a volunteer at that time." Melisa was instantly dissatisfied. She just wanted to see the scenery outside. Yet what he meant was that she worshiped the foreign things.

How could Liam not know what was on Melisa's mind?

He didn't argue and said, "Okay, volunteer. Don't you want to go out? I'll play with you ti

b him.

Although Terence didn't say anything on the surface, he might be very sad in his heart.

Terence kept it to himself. If he didn't say it out, he would be as depressed as a snowball rolling in his heart. The more serious the matter was, the more difficult it would be to deal with it, and it would become a reverse scale of Terence.

Grandma Gu didn't want him to be disturbed by anyone or anything. The child of the Gu family was destined to be arrogant.

Although Terence tried his best to hide it, he could no longer smile. He smiled bitterly in his heart and said in a sad voice, "She will probably go back to Norway after divorce. Why can't I let her go since I can't see her for the rest of my life?"

No matter four years ago or four years later, he couldn't keep her.

Terence's eyes turned cold. Grandma Gu knew that he had really made up his mind this time.

She was afraid that his determination was not for himself, but for Violet.

If Violet wanted to divorce him, he would divorce her.

Grandma Gu had no doubt that if Violet wanted the Gu group, Terence would also give it to her.

It was just because it was difficult for him to fall in love, but once he fell in love, it was the shackle of his life.

Grandma Gu sighed.

"Well. Has the agreement been made? "

She had heard that Melisa and Jasmine forced Violet to sign the property agreement. Now this matter was finally put on the table, and she didn't know how Terence deal with it.

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