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   Chapter 389 Do We Have A Child

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Her parents didn't know that she was going to divorce Terence. If they knew, they would probably be very disappointed in her.

"Go ahead," Urged Melisa.

Violet turned around three times at a time. Before getting on the car, she said to Liam, "Dad, I will accompany you to visit all your relatives tomorrow."

"Okay, go ahead." Liam nodded with relief.

Violet was finally free. After leaving her parents' sight, she called Terence.

Terence seemed to be waiting for her call. As soon as she called, the phone was connected.

"Hello." Terence's voice came over. In a slightly magnetic low voice, Violet's ears were soft and numb.

But she quickly suppressed her heartbeat and said, "I have time now. Shall we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau directly?"

She called Terence only for one purpose, divorce.

Terence hesitated for a while and said, "I'm in a meeting. It's only thirty minutes left."

Thirty minutes!

Violet checked the time. It was three o'clock in the afternoon.

Thirty minutes would be half past three, and it would take at least twenty minutes from the Gu group to the Civil Affairs Bureau. If they could arrive at the Civil Affairs Bureau before four o'clock, there would still be a chance.

"I'm going to see you."

In case something bad happened to Terence again, Violet went straight to the Gu group.

After hanging up the phone, Terence couldn't help smiling.

In front of him, all the people in the room looked at each other. And the manager, who had just been criticized, dared not to breathe heavily.

Over the years, no one had seen Terence smile.

Moreover, a call could make Terence smile. Everyone was curious about who was on the other end of the phone?

However, Terence put on a straight face and returned to his usual cold demeanor. No one dared to offend him.

Violet soon arrived at the downstairs of the Gu group, but she only sent a message to Terence and did not go upstairs.

The two of them were about to divorce, so she seldom showed up in front of Terence.

Half an hour later, Terence stood in front of Violet.

"Can we leave now?" Seeing that Terence didn't bring anything with him and stood in front of the car with empty hands,

revious lesson, Violet didn't scold him this time, but waited quietly for Terence's response.

"Have you forgotten?" This time, Terence didn't hide anything. He said awkwardly, "I'm sorry. It's been so long, but I still can't forget it."

So long... Violet was aware of this word. She had a child with Terence before she gave birth to Noah?

"If you want to forget, I won't mention it again." At this critical moment, Terence refused to say anything.

Of course, it was not that Violet didn't want to mention the baby, but she didn't know it at all.

How could she feel at ease if she knew that she had another child in the world?

"What child? Do we have a child?" She was so anxious that she forgot what she should do.

"What's wrong with you?" Terence looked at her in confusion.

Terence had suspected that Violet had come back. Now, Violet's action made him more sure of her problem.

"I just..." Violet wanted to explain, but she couldn't. Fortunately, she thought of what Terence had said before and said, "Why did you say that for such a long time?"

Her voice was muffled, as if she was suppressing some emotions. But only she knew that she pretended to be sad because she was afraid that Terence would see through her lie.

She must look like this when she was separated from her child for a long time.

Terence said nothing but looked at her indifferently. His eyes seemed to be able to see through people's mind, which made Violet very difficult.

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