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   Chapter 388 I'll Go With You

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Melisa really wanted to open Violet's head to see what she was thinking. Why couldn't she see through such an obvious thing?

Violet didn't follow Melisa's mind at all. She guessed, "Maybe he has long wanted to come to our house and happened to find an opportunity."

She didn't think that Terence treated his parents so well because of her. Anyway, Terence was willing to do so, so she didn't say a word.

Melisa couldn't help but shake her head. Since Violet came back from abroad, she had become more lively, but sometimes she was too unreasonable.

If it weren't for Violet and Terence, the two old men wouldn't have come to see them.

"Ouch, mom. I always have a good eye. When you see a real future son-in-law, you will definitely agree. " Knowing that Melisa loved her, Violet used her coquettish skill and immediately conquered Melisa's weakness.

Melisa patted the back of Violet's hand and shook her head helplessly.

Her lifelong hope was placed on Violet. As long as her daughter could live a good life, she didn't care about anything.

She also hoped that her future son-in-law would really satisfy her as Violet said.

Seeing that Melisa finally stopped talking about Terence, Violet knew that Melisa had passed the test temporarily. She was afraid that Terence would use some soft tactics to make Melisa unable to guard against him.

Therefore, in case of any mistake, she had to divorce Terence as soon as possible. In this way, Terence would have no chance to reverse the situation.

However, Violet underestimated Terence.

"Violet, come with me to visit my relatives these days. You haven't come back for many years, and they miss you very much. " Liam said as soon as Violet sat down.

Violet looked directly at Terence. Needless to say, Terence must have said something to Liam.

She was determined to divorce Terence under the attack of her relatives.

"Dad, I have work to do recently. It may not be convenient for me." Violet didn't want to listen to her relatives' persuasion anymore. She had made up her mind that no one could chang

elp asking.

It was such a rare opportunity, so Violet had to apologize.

"I actually have a meeting in the company today and it's about to start. I'm afraid I can't leave you."

She said "sorry" silently in her heart. She didn't ask for forgiveness, but psychological comfort.

She knew that Terence was very busy. His plan was messed up because of her. She was eager to divorce Terence. After today, the next opportunity would not be so easy to find.

She had no choice but to lie to her parents.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? Work is the most important. You can visit your relatives at any time." Melisa couldn't help complaining that Violet delayed her work.

Violet muttered, "I told you..."

It was just that her parents didn't believe it.

Melisa continued with dissatisfaction.

"Who knows what you said is true. Go ahead. Don't delay your work. "

"Then you and Dad..." When she was about to leave, Violet was worried about her parents' whereabouts.

Melisa waved her hand and said indifferently, "We can take a taxi home. Most of our relatives have left. We can go. "

This time, because of Liam, they all visited their relatives. In fact, some families had been closed for years. They just wanted to keep Violet here for one more minute.

"Then I'll go to work..." Violet looked at her parents with hesitation. She couldn't bear to leave like this.

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