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   Chapter 387 The Son-In-Law Of The Tang Family

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They were going to divorce. Why did he still come to the Tang family? Now she was even trying to connect her father and mother with the Gu family. What was going on?

Terence didn't need to say anything to resolve Violet's difficulties. His smile was not affected by Violet at all. He suddenly said, "By the way, mom. This is the pearl powder my mother brought back from her trip. It can improve your health by touching your face and drinking it. "

He took out the pearl powder from the bags and handed it to Melisa. He looked like a child who presented his treasure to his mother.

Violet was speechless with her own thoughts. After all, Terence was not a child, and Melisa was not his mother.

"Pearl powder, this is a good thing." Melisa took over the pearl powder. It was packed in an iron box.

Liam also came over and sighed.

"Your mother mentioned it two days ago, so the son-in-law came here."

They completely ignored Violet. Looking at Liam and Melisa who seemed to have never seen anything, Violet was speechless.

Looking at the fruit basket she brought up, she felt like she was making a wedding dress for Terence.

"It's too expensive. I don't have the nerve..." Melisa refused. Before she finished her words, Terence said, "Mom, my mom said this is for you. Don't refuse. My mom also said that she wanted you to travel with her when you were free. Recently, she held a training school and specially accepted old teachers like you who retired at home to teach. Students have classes from primary school to university on weekends, with the interest of tutoring class. "

He cleverly led the topic to what Melisa was most interested in and solved the problem of pearl powder.

Unlike Liam, Melisa enjoyed her life after retirement.

She went shopping with her friends from time to time, making up for the time Melisa had lost in the past few years.

However, as time went by, Melisa felt that this kind of life was full of boredom. There were only a few clothes in the mall, and less than a few new arrivals in a month. Liam was not interested in going on a trip, and he didn't want her to go out alone, so she could only choose to travel aroun

iolet explained calmly. Anyway, nothing happened between her and Terence. There was nothing to hide.

Melisa was about to say something, but she got nervous when she heard that Mrs. Gu was sick.

"Sick? What disease? Is it serious? "

Seeing Melisa like this, Violet sighed.

She wanted to divorce Terence, and then the two families would never contact each other.

But according to Melisa's concern, how could they not contact each other for the rest of their lives? The two families lived in the same city, and the Gu family was so dazzling. It was easy to know what was going on with the Gu family. Liam and Melisa would never owe others anything.

In addition, Terence had just made arrangements for the two people. Could their business really go smoothly?

Violet sighed and explained, "It's okay. High blood pressure. It's an old disease. You have to control your diet. "

High blood pressure was an old disease of Mrs. Gu. She didn't take it seriously before. It was also this time that she almost fainted and was forcibly sent to the hospital by the Gu family.

Hearing that she was fine, Melisa breathed a sigh of relief. She almost forgot her serious question when she was interrupted just now.

"What a coincidence! You met Terence in the hospital. I don't think it's a coincidence. "

If it was a coincidence, how could Terence bring so many thing! It was obvious that it was specially prepared. It was not a coincidence.

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