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   Chapter 386 Planting In The Field

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It was her affair with Terence. How could she ask others to get involved? Even if she wanted to do him a favor, it was a favor from Terence.

'Give the favor to Jasmine and Emily?' Violet was afraid that others would not remember her kindness and would slander her secretly.

Terence frowned, and his complicated eyes seemed to hide the calmness before a storm.

Violet couldn't help wondering whether Terence would annoy her because of this matter. But she didn't think she had done anything wrong.

Or did Terence acquiesce in what happened yesterday?

Violet thought a lot, but Terence suddenly said, "Remember, don't sign any agreement without my permission."

His tone was full of order, and Violet disdained it. According to Terence, she would follow Terence's arrangement for work and life in the future?

But obviously, Terence didn't take these trifles seriously.

"Aren't we going to the Civil Affairs Bureau? Why are you here? " Violet looked at the familiar community in front of her and asked.

She thought Terence would take her to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Why did he come to the Tang family?

"Check the time." Terence said casually and opened the trunk.

Violet looked at her watch blankly. It was seven fifteen. Was Terence telling her that the Bureau hadn't gone to work yet?

Although she was dissatisfied with Terence, Violet still got out of the car.

There were many bags of gifts in the trunk, which surprised Violet.

"Take this." Terence put a fruit basket into Violet's hand. Violet was still in a daze and took the fruit basket in a hurry. Before she asked anything, Terence closed the trunk and strode towards the Tang family with gifts in his hands.

Looking at the back of Terence, Violet was annoyed. What did Terence mean?

Visit the Tang family?

But why did he come? They were going to divorce, weren't they?

When Violet was in a daze, she saw that Terence had entered the corridor. She hurried to catch up with him, afraid that her parents would misunderstand something.

In a hurry, Violet finally stood beside Terence before the door was opened. Before she could

cause he was a workaholic and didn't want to have time since he lost his job. Thanks to the work Terence found for him, or he could only stay at home and look down upon others.

Hearing what Liam said, Terence said without hesitation.

"I'll ask my father to give you a piece of land too. You can go to the fields with my mother when you're free." He looked at Melisa and asked.

Violet had been an invisible person for a long time. Since they entered the room, their parents' eyes were all deprived by Terence. No matter how dissatisfied she was, her parents ignored her. Now that she finally seized the opportunity, of course she wouldn't let it go.

"My parents are so old. Do you want them to work in the fields?" Violet didn't care about it at all. She even thought that Terence had no good intention.

She was looking for a sense of existence. It was a difficult question, but it was easily resolved by Melisa.

"Hey, my girl. You can't say that. Your father and I are not as immobile as your father. Besides, it's better to have a good health. "

Melisa accepted Terence's suggestion without taking Violet's words seriously.

Liam echoed, "Yes, yes. I have nothing to do even if I'm idle at home."

Violet lost her temper completely. She could be angry with Terence, but she couldn't be angry with her parents. She had to endure it again and again. At the same time, she also felt Terence's "bad intention".

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