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   Chapter 382 He Is Fine

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Violet was also helpless. It seemed that Hilda was very popular in the Gu family. How could she say such unscrupulous words in front of Tina? Tina must be very satisfied with her daughter-in-law.

Violet glanced at the side of Tina and found a woman with a sweet smile on her face.

The woman looked about the same age as her. She wore light makeup and looked a little charming. There was no expression on her smiling face. Violet became alert at once. According to her years of observation, this woman was the real ruthless role.

She killed people invisibly.

The woman also noticed Violet's gaze. She stood out from behind her second aunt and gently nodded at Violet.


Her voice was as cold and arrogant as hers.

Although the smile didn't fade, it was not warm at all.

From her address, it was not difficult for Violet to guess her identity. At the same time, Tina said, "This is Sheila Shen, Neil's wife."

From Tina's words, it was not difficult for Violet to hear that it should be the first time she had met Sheila.

Neil was a rising star in the political circle of the Gu family. Violet understood that how could Neil's wife be simple.

"Hello." Violet also nodded slightly. Her every move was just right. Although she didn't intend to be the "sister-in-law", she was full of momentum.

"Violet, don't you know who I am?" Hilda insisted. She looked like an innocent little girl. It was hard to imagine that she would marry a man.

Violet shook her head with amusement. How could Tina be unhappy with such a happy girl?

Violet looked at Tina with a smile on her face. Although she was helpless about what Hilda did, she didn't stop her.

It seemed that Tina liked more than just this daughter-in-law.

Maranda was such a slut that he even got married. Neil had already had a wife. There were only four grandsons in Gu family, two of whom were married and one was single. Then the identity of the remaining one was about to be revealed.

"Sean." Violet said lightly.

"Yes, Violet. We are together. " Compared with Violet's indi

ren to live a happy life. At Mrs. Gu's age, what she wanted was only family happiness. As her pride, Terence was also the person she missed most.

Without Terence, Violet lived a good life. But without Violet, Terence was no longer what he looked like.

"No, grandma, he's fine." Knowing that Mrs. Gu was persuading her, Violet couldn't help but defend Terence.

That was how she was. She didn't allow anyone to show any tenderness to her. She had no other choice as long as others were gentle to her.

Grandma was relieved a lot because of Violet's words, but she still asked uneasily.

"I can see his changes over the years. Tell me, are you leaving this time? "

Before Violet came in, she had told Terence a lot.

Knowing that Violet would probably leave tomorrow, Mrs. Gu was deeply surprised. Violet couldn't leave, which was her belief.

"Grandma, I..." Before Violet could say the word "no", she suddenly stopped. Finally, the reality made sense. Violet couldn't agree to her request.

She looked at Terence, not knowing what to do.

Terence stood aside in silence.

He didn't respond to Violet's helplessness, as if he didn't fit in.

Mrs. Gu had seen through Violet's determination, so she didn't force her anymore. She just said, "My health is getting worse and worse day by day. I just hope that I can see you and Terence get along well before I die..."

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