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   Chapter 378 My Boss Invites You To Dinner

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7166

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The waiter just confirmed and continued, "Our boss wants to invite you to dinner. This way, please." As he spoke, he was about to lead the way.

Being invited to dinner for no reason, Violet was still on her guard. She asked in reply, "Who is your boss?"

"You will know when you get there." The waiter also kept her in suspense. Perhaps he was afraid that Violet would not go, so he added, "She is your friend."

A friend who runs a restaurant...

Violet searched her mind, but only found Isla.

But Isla ran a Chinese food restaurant. When did she change to Western food?

Did Isla open another branch after her business expanded these years?

It was not impossible.

It was better to follow the waiter to have a look than to guess randomly here. There were so many people here anyway. Would they do something to hurt her?

What's more, what was she afraid of?

Violet smiled and followed the waiter to the private room.

They walked along the hall to the end. When there was no way ahead, the waiter turned right and another passage appeared.

There was no dining table here. It was just a passageway.

After passing through the passageway, they saw a room of office nature.

All of a sudden, Violet realized that it was very quiet here. It was not as noisy as before. It seemed that the passage was divided into two parts.

Violet followed the waiter for a while, but they still didn't arrive. She had an idea of retreat. She didn't want to see them arrive at the place as soon as the idea came out.

"Miss Tang, this is the place." The waiter nodded politely and knocked on the door.

"Bang, bang, Bang..."

There was a knock on the door, which made Violet anxious.

The door was not closed tightly. The waiter opened it as if he was waiting for them.

The waiter made a gesture of 'please', but he didn't go in with Violet.

The arrow was on the string, and Violet couldn't escape. She calmed down and strode in, trying to see who it was?

As she entered, the door was closed from behind by the waiter.

In the quiet room, Violet suddenly had a feeling of 'asking the emperor to

o this, she must have made unimaginable efforts. She admired and liked Ellie very much.

Although she didn't have any records of Ellie in her mind, the short contact made her like her.

She couldn't help but think how happy she should be when there were many people who liked her four years ago.

"Violet, have you found it? My surname is Tang, and yours is Tang. Maybe we will be more deeply connected,"

Ellie said suddenly.

Violet was a little stunned and didn't care. She knew that Liam only had one brother, and judging from Ellie's age, it was impossible for her to be his sister.

And the dinner was just served, which interrupted the topic.

The western food in the restaurant was very delicious. Although Violet had been abroad all the time, she had hired Chinese cooks at home. She didn't eat much western food like this. Occasionally, Violet would like to have a taste of it.

"If you like it, call me and I'll ask someone to send the food to your home." Seeing that Violet was having a good meal, Ellie was very happy. So she said that casually.

Violet didn't want to bother anyone, not to mention that she was so congenial to Ellie, so she said bluntly, "Don't bother. I don't like western food. I haven't eaten it for a long time and I'm too hungry... One or two times is okay. If you eat too much, you will get tired of it. It is said that it won't be delicious if you eat too much of it."

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