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   Chapter 373 Relatives Gather Together To Fight

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The night gradually darkened the sky. Under the dim street lamp, there was a little expectation in the haze. The road ahead slowly extended.

"Who can tell you what will happen in the future?"

After a long time, Terence said slowly.

Violet's thoughts had already flown away. Looking at the night in the sky, her heart slowly covered with a shadow.

Violet moved out of the hotel and went back to her room.

When the parents of the Tang family saw Violet and Terence come together, they still had expectations in their hearts. They even took the initiative to stay with Terence, in order to ease the relationship between the two of them.

Violet became alert in an instant, and her originally relaxed posture became vigilant.

Fortunately, Terence was sensible and did not accept the invitation to stay. Violet breathed a sigh of relief.

However, things were not over.

Melisa made an excuse that she hadn't seen her daughter for a long time and slept with Violet at night. During this period, although Melisa showed her true feelings, she persuaded Violet and Terence to get back together.

"Violet, we have seen Terence's performance. Your father and I mean, can you give Terence a chance?" Melisa said carefully. Violet was annoyed, but at the same time, she felt sorry for her.

Since when did her mother become so careful when talking to her.

Giving Terence a chance was to push herself into a desperate situation. Violet couldn't have done such a stupid thing, but she didn't have a better excuse to explain the current situation. She could only keep silent and slowly consume Melisa's patience.

Melisa] said for a long time, but Violet still didn't agree. As the night deepened, she finally gave up persuading and fell asleep.

Not long after Melisa fell asleep, Violet slowly opened her eyes. In the dark night, her eyes were shining, and there seemed to be infinite sadness in the waves.

She thought last night was the best parents could do, but it was obvious that Violet didn't know her parents well.

As soon as the day broke, Melisa got up.

"Mom, why do you get up so early?" Noticing that Melisa was about to leave, Violet asked.

She looked at the alarm clock o

don't have to spread the news about in family."

Before Violet could breathe a sigh of relief, Liam sighed, "We don't know where her company is either."

Violet didn't know how to feel. If Liam knew her company, would he go to the company to make trouble?

She knew that Liam cared about her, but she had fallen in love with someone. Terence was just her benefactor at most. She was clear that gratitude was not love.

"Well, forget it. Let's go back." Melisa also joined in the conversation. There was a faint sadness in her tone, which made Violet feel bad.

She came back to China to give her parents an explanation and let them live a peaceful life, not to let her parents worry about her. She thought everything would be fine after she went abroad. The longer the matter was delayed, the more problems would appear. Fortunately, the time she appointed with Terence was tomorrow.

Violet decided to leave with her parents after the divorce tomorrow.

She believed that her parents would also like Patrick.

When Violet was indulging in her own thoughts, Liam said, "Do we have to go abroad with Violet?" His voice was full of helplessness, which made Violet suddenly pause.

She seemed to understand something, but she could not grasp anything.

At this moment, Melisa said, "We only have one daughter. What else can we do if we don't go with her?"


The parents discussed about going abroad for a while, and finally had no choice but to follow.

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