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   Chapter 372 How Embarrassing

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Since Parsons's operation, it had been a long time since he formally gathered everyone together. They instinctively felt that the matter was of great importance.

Parsons glanced at the members of the Bai family one by one. He had a deep memory of everyone in the family he founded. However, what he remembered most in his life was not the Bai family, but Violet.

Parsons's eyes finally fell on Violet's face. The wide clan was shocked and wondered if what Parsons was going to say had something to do with Violet?

However, judging from Violet's appearance, they wouldn't doubt it. But was it right?

Violet also noticed the look in Parsons's eyes. She was inexplicably nervous. How would she react if Parsons really announced something related to her?

"I'm congenial to Violet. As soon as I see her, most of my physical problems have healed..." Parsons said that he liked Violet, which made Violet stunned.

She did feel close to Parsons, but why did he say that in front of the whole family?

Soon, Parsons answered Violet's question.

"I know my own health. You don't have to lie to me. I want to take advantage of this last time to recognize Violet as my sworn granddaughter and enjoy the same right of inheritance as yours. "

The first half of Parsons's words comforted the Bai family, but the latter half made the table silent.

Even Violet and Terence felt incredible.

Did Parsons want to take Violet as his granddaughter? Has Parsons discussed this matter with everyone?

Violet was shocked. Parsons didn't even discuss with her, let alone others. She knew that Parsons liked her, but it was too much for him to accept her as his granddaughter and enjoy the right of inheritance?

The Bai family also knew what Violet could think of. Even Andrew was silent.

They didn't care about the inheritance right, but if Violet became a member of the Bai family, she would enjoy the protection and resources of the Bai family no matter Parsons was present or not.

The Bai family

be a member of the Bai family?" There were so many people in the world who wanted to get involved with the Bai family. Violet had become a member of the Bai family, but she was full of complaints here. If people knew it, it would probably arouse public indignation.

"Okay." Violet sighed and said helplessly, "It's just that it's so good that it makes me feel uneasy."

"What's wrong?" Terence tried to persuade her.

Violet didn't know if it was a big blow to her to become a member of the Bai family. She was even less wary of Terence. Facing Terence's question, she said without hesitation.

"I'm doomed not to do anything for the Bai family. How can I feel embarrassed if I become a member of the Bai family for no reason?"

She still wanted to go abroad, take her parents away and never come back.

But if she was on the other side of the continent and her family, where should she go? Could she really not come back all her life?

Terence was so smart that he immediately understood what Violet was thinking.

This was the reason why he agreed with Parsons's behavior. Violet was reluctant to leave because of this.

He knew very well that it was not easy to retrieve the relationship between him and Violet. Then he had to add something that had to be redeemed on the basis of irreparable.

For example, the family.

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