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   Chapter 366 Go All Out

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"She also said she was with Patrick. Why should I doubt her?" He used Violet's own words as an explanation, without getting involved in his own thoughts.

Sheryl directly denied.

"No, Violet is not that kind of person. She must have her own difficulties. "

She said firmly and didn't believe what Violet said at all. Kevin nodded with relief, but didn't explain anything.

Sheryl murmured

"I just don't know if Mr. Gu will think of her difficulties..."

"Are you looking forward to seeing Terence and Violet together?" Kevin said in a jealous tone.

Sheryl didn't know why he was jealous, but he still explained.

"Compared with Patrick, I think Mr. Gu is more amiable." She changed the subject and asked directly, "Don't you look forward to it?"

She knew that Kevin had a good impression of Violet, but she also believed in his love for her. Now, the relationship between them could only be regarded as friendship. As a friend, what couldn't she say?

Instead of facing the problem directly, Kevin explained from one side.

"Even you can think of it. If Terence can't think of it, then he doesn't deserve to be with Violet."

Like Sheryl, he also noticed that Violet was hiding something. If Terence didn't even notice this, then why should he be with Violet? Over the years, although Terence had restrained himself from being a womanizer. But the so-called Playboy was hard to turn around.

Although Kevin didn't think much of Terence's matter, he would support Violet no matter what decision she made.

Violet, the woman he was dating, was not an eloquent woman. He was confident about that.

Hearing his ambiguous answer, Sheryl had no desire to talk about it. Glancing at her, Kevin said indifferently, "I still have a schedule tomorrow. My schedule is close to the filming site. I'll rest at my place tonight."

If one listened carefully, it was not difficult to find the uneasiness in his tone. He was nervous, afraid that Sheryl wouldn't agree.

She couldn't accept such a request after they had a fight just now.


Sheryl just snorted and turned her head to look out of the window, but she didn't refuse.

ith Terence two days later. She didn't want to meet him again, but now she met him here. She didn't know if it was fate or tragedy.

At the same time, she also realized that Terence was also the boss of "Hippo Record Company". It was inevitable for her to meet him when she worked here. But it went against her original intention.

"Mr. Gu, what brings you here?" After years of business experience, Kevin was no longer as willful as he was four years ago. Although he was not pleased with the arrival of Terence, he still responded with a smile.

It was just right to talk to a businessman with seven smiles and three expressions.

Terence didn't answer, but asked.

"Mr. Kevin has a guest here. It's not the right time for me to come here."

He didn't even glance at Violet, as if he couldn't see her at all. Kevin knew that it was not easy to get rid of Terence. He was afraid that he had already known that Violet was here for an encounter.

Last night, he had known from Violet that the two had met. So there was nothing to hide now.

"No, No, my guest has a close relationship with Mr. Terence." At the same time, Violet had to stand up and Kevin had to let Terence stay.

Terence finally turned to Violet without saying a word. Violet just looked back without saying anything.

The atmosphere fell into an embarrassing situation. At this moment, Kevin was about to risk everything to resolve the atmosphere by himself.

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