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   Chapter 365 Tears Of The Big Star

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No matter who Violet was, she was Terence's woman after all. Ben could have killed Violet, or even killed her corpse without anyone noticing. However, there was something in his heart that he couldn't overcome. As Terence's woman, he couldn't let Violet die without dignity.

Even if she had no dignity, it should not be him to do it.

He had been standing behind the curtain, waiting for Violet to come out of the bathroom.

And that moment was the death date of Violet.

Everything was ready, only waiting for the final result.

Ben had thought that no one could stop him. At this time, the phone in the living room rang.

He didn't want to watch it, but the noisy ringtone also affected his heart.

Coincidentally, his position was close to the phone. With a slight glance, he saw the caller ID.

The name on the screen was not important, but the photo on the screen made Ben stunned. What did he see? He actually saw the appearance of Terence when he was a child.

Of course, it didn't rule out that Violet admired Terence so much that she treated his childhood photo as the caller ID. But it was just too inconceivable?

He knew that Violet had lost her memory. Even if she regained her memory, it was impossible for her to find Terence's photos abroad and put them on her mobile phone.

Ben was soaked in cold sweat and suddenly realized something. When he realized that the door of the bathroom was about to open, he jumped out of the window.

When Violet just finished her shower, her phone rang. She put on the bathrobe and picked up the phone.


When the phone was connected, there came the voice of Kevin.

Kevin had been busy all day and finally had some free time, so he must come to see Violet. Violet couldn't do anything to him, so she had to tell him the address. Even if she didn't tell him, Kevin would find it out with his ability.

When she was on the phone, she saw the open window and was stunned. She remembered that she didn't open the window. Why was it open?

Violet walked to the window and looked outside casually, but she didn't find anything unusual. This was the twenty-two floor. Even if someone stole, he would not choose this place. So

ity of Violet.

Facing Sheryl's question, Violet had no way to explain. If she knew that the cooperative artist was her friend, she would probably not be able to remain calm. But she didn't know at all and had no way to explain.

But she didn't want to tell anyone about her memory loss except her parents.

Violet's hesitation made Sheryl think for a while. She said carefully, "Is it because of Mr. Terence?"

Because of the relationship of Kevin, she had heard some news about Violet. She didn't believe that Violet would elope, but she also knew that there must be something wrong between Violet and Terence.

Violet had to smile. Although she was helpless, in Sheryl's eyes, she acquiesced.

The two of them exchanged pleasantries and knew each other's experience for four years. It was late at night, so Sheryl and Kevin left.

Seeing Violet again, Sheryl sighed deeply.

"I'm afraid that Violet won't be with Mr. Gu this time." On the way back, Sheryl couldn't help but sigh.

Glancing at his little girl, Kevin didn't say anything.

He had always been annoying, so he wouldn't cause any trouble at this moment.

Seeing that Kevin didn't say anything, Sheryl felt bored talking to himself, so she asked, "Do you think Violet really eloped with Patrick?" This was a question that she couldn't figure out, and she couldn't believe it either.

As for Sheryl's question, of course, Kevin had to say something. But he remained silent on this question.

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