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   Chapter 364 The Killing Night

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7270

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She preferred the current situation than the tension between the two when they met. If possible, she didn't want to have a fight with Terence. No matter what kind of entanglement they had, she could let it go for the sake of Terence saving her life.

But she didn't know whether Terence would give her the chance or not.

"Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the company has been very busy. If you don't mind, how about we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau the day after tomorrow? " Terence half asked, which unloaded Violet's vigilance. Without any hesitation, she said, "Okay."

It was totally out of her expectation that Terence was so friendly.

Terence sent Violet back to the Gu family like a gentleman. Along the way, he only briefly talked about his life in the past four years, and did not do anything impolite to Violet.

Terence in the daytime was totally different from Terence in the evening. Although Violet was surprised, she wouldn't easily destroy the tranquility alone.

"Go to bed early." Terence parked his car downstairs and said in an indifferent tone.

Of course, Violet nodded in agreement. She was also happy to be able to perfectly solve the shackles between her and Terence.

Violet went to her room and was about to pack up to the Tang family.

Melisa urged her to go home after knowing that she was staying in a hotel. It was not that she didn't have a home. Why did she live in a hotel like a stranger?

Violet was nervous and scared before she met her parents. But now that they had known each other, she thought it would be better to go home and live.

It was too late for her to date with Terence today. She had to pack up and go home tomorrow.

Thinking of the conversation between her and Terence tonight, it was so smooth that it was inconceivable. Violet had a good concept of Terence, because from her situation, she was cheating on Terence.

She knew that she did this because she lost her memory, but Terence didn't know it at all. In this case, it was inconceivable for Violet that he could accept her request.

At the same time, she also realized that Terence's love for her was probably much deeper tha

that he was sent by Terence to look for her, and if Terence knew that he had found Violet, but he didn't bring her back.

Then his lie would be exposed all these years, and Terence would become the one with weak.

He didn't allow this to happen.

So he had to do something.

He had promised that he would never let him see Violet again. Now that Violet dared to come back, and Patrick was relieved to let her come back, he would not be polite.

Ben had made up his mind to take advantage of the night. Wearing a night robe, he avoided everyone's eyes and headed for the Star Flag Club.

He had hacked into the hotel registration system and found out Violet's room number. This time, he went straight to the top floor and climbed along the rope to Violet's room. He couldn't leave any evidence or let anyone see what he was going to do.

Terence might be very painful to lose Violet, but his strength was the result he wanted the most.

The organization needed to grow stronger. As the leader, Terence couldn't have any weakness.

What's more, a woman like Violet was not worth it.

He came to the window and opened it for him. He sneaked into the room without disturbing anyone.

At this moment, Violet had packed up her luggage and was taking a shower in the bathroom. She knew nothing about the outside.

Ben slowly approached the bathroom and put his hand on the doorknob. When he was about to open it, he stopped.

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