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   Chapter 363 I Wish Time Could Be Tender

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Of course, this was not the money made by writing songs. She also had her shares in the branch in Norway. With Patrick's allowance, she could take out the money.

Facing Terence's question, she didn't explain too much, but just saying, "I know that the money is far less than the worth of your life. But this is my only wealth. If you are not satisfied, I can choose to pay in installments. "

She didn't want to owe Terence anything. Money was the only thing she could pay. If Terence was willing to let her thank him with money, she would be happy.

Terence was surprised at Violet's wealth, but then he thought of Patrick. With the Yan family, let alone ten million, even hundreds of millions would not be a problem.

But he was Terence. Was he short of money?

It seemed that Patrick was very kind to Violet. Otherwise, he wouldn't allow her to squander so much money.

Thinking of this, Terence began to feel uncomfortable. Both of them were men. He didn't want to guess what had happened between Violet and Patrick in the past four years when they were alone. But just as he said before, no matter what Violet did, he could tear that man into pieces, but his wife was still his wife.

Terence said frankly, "Pay in installments? Your life is priceless compared to mine. "

He glanced at Violet and said seriously, "Take the money back. I don't need it."

He saved Violet not because he could get much money. At that moment, he only wanted to protect his woman.

He didn't ask for Violet's gratitude. He just wanted her to be safe.

Violet frowned. What she feared most was that Terence refused to accept the money. In this world, the debt of gratitude was the hardest to pay. Since Terence refused to accept her gratitude, she always lowered her head to him.

"If you just want to make yourself feel better, then tell me how did you live in the past four years?"

Terence saw through her mind and didn't put her in a dilemma. He just wanted to exchange.

After a pause, Violet didn't want to give up so soon, so she asked, "Will you let me go if you know this?"

She co

. Only when they got along with each other could they know what they really looked like.

She was still a little scared of Terence.

Seeing that Terence didn't respond, Violet hurriedly explained, "Although it doesn't matter, it's just psychological comfort. If it's not convenient, forget it. "

Violet was about to explain something, but Terence answered, "Sure."

When Violet was surprised at Terence's response, Terence continued, "When?"

He didn't seem to be dissatisfied at all, and his casual tone was like an insignificant matter.

Although this was what she expected, when Terence really did it, she felt inexplicably unhappy. Although she didn't know why, she had a wonderful idea in her heart.

"I can do it anytime. It depends on your schedule." She shook off the boring thoughts in her heart and took this opportunity to speak frankly.

Even though she didn't know what kind of person Terence was, it was what she expected to end the contact with Terence soon.

There was no anger on Terence's face. Compared with the manic day, he was as gentle as two people at the moment.

"Are you in a hurry?" Terence took a sip of wine and asked. His eyes were indifferent, without any meaning of coercion.

In such a relaxing atmosphere, Violet felt a little relieved. She said frankly, "I... I came back to pick dad and mom up and want to go to Norway. I'm almost free now. "

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