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   Chapter 362 The Value Of Ten Million Dollars

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But even if he lost his memory, it was difficult to change the human nature. She was sure of her parents and cared about their thoughts very much.

Liam knew that Violet was dissatisfied, but seeing that she finally stayed, he was a little relieved. After all, they hadn't seen each other for four years. He was really afraid that Violet would leave. By then... Alas!

"Terence, this..." After calming down Violet for the time being, Liam looked at Terence again.

To be honest, he had nothing to say to his son-in-law. He was totally satisfy with him. It could be said that it was the best marriage. If it weren't for the difference in family background, he wouldn't have been dissatisfied. Even the little dissatisfaction was relieved by the care of Terence. He thought Terence was a good man no matter how he looked at him now. He couldn't imagine that Violet and Terence would be separated.

Terence knew what Liam was going to say. He hadn't said a word since he entered the room.

He knew what Violet thought of him, but he just didn't want to let her go.

"Dad, mom, actually we met this morning. I'm sorry that I didn't visit you with Violet. " He apologized to the parents of the Tang family first, not mentioning the bad thing about Violet.

The parents of the Tang family waved their hands in succession. If they hadn't heard what Violet had said before, they might have guessed something. But now, they only hoped that Violet could correct her thinking.

Violet looked on coldly. She didn't have any feelings for Terence. The only thing she couldn't bear was the shot he took for her four years ago. But she knew very well that love was not gratitude. If Patrick didn't show up, she might choose to return to Terence. But four years had passed, and everything was too late.

"Violet, I'm sorry. I couldn't find you four years ago. If possible, I'm willing to do anything. "

After apologizing to his parents, Terence turned to Violet.

He knew that no matter what his parents thought, the most important thing was Violet's decision.

He had already sent people to investigate Violet in the past four years, but with the obstruction of the Yan family, he had no progress. When it came to Violet, Ter

f she had forgotten everything, everything in Ukraine was deeply imprinted in her mind. She would never forget the way Terence looked at her, but they were destined not to be together.

Terence didn't change his eyes because of Violet's thanks. He stared at Violet and said with dissatisfaction, "Are you going to call me Mr. Gu like this all the time?"

He had never liked Violet to call him like this before or now. If it weren't for the bad atmosphere, he wouldn't have let her go so easily.

Violet was stunned. She didn't think it was inappropriate to call him that. On the contrary, this could make Terence remember his identity all the time. No matter what happened between them in the past, their current relationship was the most important.

Before Violet opened her mouth, Terence seemed to understand what she meant and said, "Call me Terence, it sounds better."

This was his last concession.

Violet clearly saw the tolerance in Terence's eyes, and she also knew how hard it was for people like Terence to give in. But she didn't want to accept it, so she didn't call him by his name and said directly, "I have a gift for you. Thank you for saving my life."

Then she took out a check from her bag and pushed it to Terence.

Terence glanced at her and said in surprise, "Ten million... Dollars? "

He didn't know that Violet could make so much money by writing lyrics.

Ten million dollars was not a small amount. That was his investment in the Hippo Record.

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