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   Chapter 361 She Was Not In His Arms

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No one knew daughter better than her father. He watched Violet grow up, and he knew what a daughter's gaze meant. Now since Violet entered the house, although she behaved normally, the uneasiness in her eyes made Liam look right.

Violet was shocked, but tears burst out again.

She finally believed that no matter how far her children had gone, their parents would always show their purest concern.

"Violet, you are the only daughter of your father and me. As long as you are happy, we will ask for nothing. " Melisa also began to play the warm loving card, which made the lonely Violet feel warm.

She finally couldn't resist her parents' attack and told them everything that had happened in the past four years.

If there was someone she could trust in this world, her parents would definitely be in the first place.

She only told them about the bus accident under the abyss and her memory loss and didn't dare to mention the story of gun shooting.

The parents of the Tang family were all ordinary people. They couldn't accept the life with a gun, so they didn't need to imagine it. They just needed to know that although she had lost her memory, she was living a good life now. That was enough.

She didn't mention anything about the baby. It was not because she didn't believe her parents, but because she didn't believe herself.

Patrick said that the child was his. But if she really married Terence, then the child was very likely to be his. She didn't dare to imagine how complicated the situation would be. In order not to cause trouble, she simply didn't say anything.

No matter who was the father of the child, she would admit Patrick as the father.

"Violet, my daughter..." Melisa held Violet and cried bitterly. After listening to Violet's story, she finally forgave Violet for not returning for four years.

It turned out that it was not because she didn't want to come back, but because she had lost her memory.

Liam and Melisa felt extremely guilty, because they didn't expect such a change.

No matter what Violet did, they could understand.

Seeing her parents in pain, Violet also felt bad. Now that things had turned out like this, she didn't want to find out who was right and who was wrong. Anyway, she lik

rence already had doubts in his heart.

Violet had owed her parents a lot, and she came back this time to make up for her mistake. But now when she heard what Liam said, her heart skipped a beat. Seeing Terence's attitude, she took a deep breath and said calmly, "Did you ask him to come here?"

This was half a question, but in fact, there was an answer.

It was just that she didn't want to believe it easily.

She stared at Liam, and her indifferent tone was mixed with anger. Afraid that she would quarrel with Liam, Melisa said, "Violet, I asked Terence to come here. You two can solve any problems. Let's make it clear, okay? "

In Melisa's opinion, there is nothing that can't be explained clearly between a couple. Although Violet had lost her memory, she had to face the truth.

Besides, it was not the first time that Violet had lost her memory. When she lost her memory for the first time, with the company of Terence, didn't she regain her memory soon? Melisa also had her own selfish motive. She hoped that Violet could regain her memory as soon as possible with the company of Terence.

"It seems that it's not the right time for me to come back." Violet's eyes narrowed and she directly sat on the sofa.

She had clearly explained her thoughts to her parents. She would not make up with Terence. Their marriage had already disappeared. But why did her parents look forward to their relationship?

If the person in front of her was not her parents, she could turn around and leave.

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