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   Chapter 360 What Happened Four Years Ago

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Although he doted on his daughter, he knew what was right and wrong. Even if Violet had a conflict with Terence, she shouldn't have left without saying goodbye. She had left for four years without coming back home. Did she take her parents seriously?

If he had known the conflict between Terence and Violet four years ago, he would have taken Violet home without hesitation. No matter at home or abroad, as long as she wanted to go, he would not stop her.

But Violet chose to leave in this way, which made him unable to accept. He was a little annoyed.

But four years later, he had to admit that Terence really loved Violet. What Terence had done touched Liam. At the same time, he was thinking about Violet's fault.

Of course, Liam didn't mention anything else. Yes, it was more important than anything that her daughter came back.

"Violet, don't listen to your father's nonsense. Tell me, how have you been these years? Why don't you come back? " Compared with Liam's sensibility, Melisa attached more importance to love.

Violet was raised up by her. Every move of her daughter always affected her heart.

She didn't care what Terence had done for them, as long as her daughter could like them.

If Violet didn't like Terence, so what was the use if Terence did more? They were not the shackles of kidnapping their daughter's feelings, and they would not easily break Violet's decision.

Violet understood Melisa's painstaking efforts. She felt relieved to have such a mother. Originally, she didn't know how to say it. With the support of Melisa, she could not help but speak frankly, "Mom, Dad, I want to take you to live abroad with me this time. I live in a good environment. You will like it. "

No one didn't like the green mountains and rivers like that place, and no one didn't like to breathe freely.

"Go abroad..." Melisa didn't expect that Violet would think like this. It was her dream all her life, but now she hesitated.

Violet understood Melisa's worries and comforted her, "Well, I have a good job there. I can take you there to have a good rest."

She didn't mention Patrick. She knew that her parents needed a buffer since she hadn't re

's happiness.

Terence was nice to them, which was because of his love towards their daughter. Only when he liked Violet could he be good to them.

As parents who had experienced this, they knew clearly about this matter. They couldn't let their daughter go wrong.

"Isla, do you know what happened to Violet these years?" Seeing that Isla seemed to be on the same side with Violet, Liam couldn't help asking.

Isla didn't know what happened. She cleared her throat and said, "I... I don't know. I didn't know Violet came back until today. " It would be bad if Violet's parents thought that she hadn't told them what she knew in the past few years.

That was exactly what Liam wanted. He couldn't help saying, "In that case, you can go out first. I have something to talk with her alone."

He wanted to educate his daughter. Even if she was his daughter's best friend, he didn't want her to stay.

Isla understood Liam's hard work, but could Violet handle it alone?

Violet nodded at Isla, indicating her to leave. She felt nervous before she came, but after seeing her parents, she was relieved.

She knew that no matter what she did, her parents would be the first to forgive her. In that case, what else could she hide?

Isla didn't go far and stayed outside the door. She was really afraid that something bad would happen to Violet.

"Tell me, what happened four years ago?"

Isla asked seriously with a cold face after Liam left.

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