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   Chapter 358 Love Me, Love My Dog

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She chose to trust Violet unconditionally.

Violet's heart sank to the bottom. She had been mentally prepared before she came back, but she couldn't help trembling in the face of the same words of everyone.

"They are right. I have been with Patrick for the past four years." Violet admitted what Ben had said to Terence, because that was the truth. The only thing he concealed was her memory loss, but she did not regret it.

Isla had wanted to say something to comfort her, but now she widened her eyes in disbelief after hearing Violet's words.

"What... What did you say?" She was so surprised that her voice trembled.

She didn't think what Ben and Jasmine said was true at all. So far, she had firmly chosen to stand on the side of Violet between Terence and Violet. But now, Violet told her that she was wrong?

Violet knew that she had let Isla down, but she didn't come back for forgiveness. She patiently explained, "I said that I have been with Patrick all the time. I came back this time to see my parents. If possible, I want to take them abroad to live."

Her parents were her only concern. With her parents, how could she not have her memory back?

Violet had changed a lot. It was easy for Isla to notice her difference.

"You... Why? " She still couldn't believe it. In a trance, she had to ask, "Didn't you come back for Terence?"

She had always thought that with the seriousness of Terence to Violet, Violet's feelings for Terence would not be indifferent. But judging from the current situation, Violet seemed to have no feelings for Terence. What should Terence do after all these years of waiting?

Isla saw the change of Terence these years. From her initial disdain to later change, she believed that even an outsider like her was moved, so Violet, who had been married to Terence for one and a half years, should also feel deeply.

But why did she have no feelings for Terence in reality?

Seeing the disbelief on Isla's face, Violet couldn't express her feelings either. She felt that her life was very peaceful no

our years.

"Uncle and aunt feel a little guilty for your leaving. Terence has taken care of them for many years. Uncle was hospitalized last year. Thanks to Terence's help, he has recovered and even no sequela has been left. "

Speaking of this, Isla sighed. Why did she hesitate about the relationship between Terence and Violet?

She couldn't pretend not to see what Terence had done.

As the saying went, 'love me, love my dog'. Wasn't it because of Violet that Terence treated her parents so well?

But Violet... Alas!

"Why is he in hospital? What's wrong with my father?" Hearing that her father was hospitalized, Violet became anxious. In the information Patrick gave her, these things were not mentioned at all, let alone Terence's care for his parents.

Seeing that Violet was still anxious, Isla felt a little relieved. When Violet and Patrick were together, she had thought that Violet had completely abandoned her parents. Now it seemed that this was not the case.

Violet was anxious and didn't keep her guessing. She answered seriously, "Stroke. He was found early, so he was fine. But he had a hard time staying in the hospital. "

She specially chose a few important things to show Terence's care for the Tang family, hoping that Violet would admit it. She knew what Terence had done. She didn't believe that Violet would be indifferent to it.

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