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   Chapter 357 Unconditional Support And Trust

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"Where are you?" Isla asked directly.

She hadn't seen Violet for four years, so she had a lot of questions to answer.

Violet hesitated for a moment and said, "I... I'm at the door of my home. "

"Eternal Garden Community?" Isla was confused and looked at Terence.

Violet was at their door?

However, Terence remained calm on the surface.

Embarrassed, Violet explained, "No, at my parents' home."

At the same time, she also realized that her relationship with Terence had already been recognized by everyone. Even if she didn't admit it, she was still Mrs. Gu in everyone's eyes.

Isla also realized that if Violet treated her and Terence's family as her home, she wouldn't have left four years ago.

Isla didn't want to criticize Violet, so she said with a little uneasiness, "Are you there alone?"

She had heard different versions of explanation about Violet's leaving. It was no surprise that Violet had an affair. Now that Violet came back, then that man...

"Of course, I am here alone," Violet interrupted Isla's wild imagination. She didn't want to explain, nor could she.

"Let me go with you," Isla took the opportunity and said in a hurry.

"What?" Violet hesitated.

Isla explained, "A lot of things have happened in the past four years. Don't hurry to see your parents. Let's get to know the situation first."

What she didn't tell Violet was that her parents almost fainted after knowing that Violet eloped. In the past four years, they had suffered as much as anyone else. If Violet went back rashly, they might also be hurt.

Whether it was for Liam, Melisa or Violet, their meeting needed to be prepared.

Violet followed Isla's advice and waited at a cafe outside the community.

According to the information, she grew up here, but she knew nothing about it.

Sitting in the coffee shop, she looked around casually.

This could be considered the old urban area of City B, with multi-layer buildings arranged in order. There was a wide road in front of the house, and there were commercial all the way. On the street,

But at this moment, Isla told her that no matter what she did, she would support her.

This unconditional trust gradually healed her broken heart. She finally believed that she and Isla were really good friends.

"Isla..." Violet looked at Isla and whispered.

At this moment, she didn't know what to say to express her feelings. In front of Isla, she actually had the idea to pour it out. Fortunately, before she was about to confess, Isla said, "Where did you go four years ago? Why did you leave four years ago? "

This was what Isla had always wanted to ask, but now she had the chance to ask directly.

Violet's eyes flashed a little, and her brain returned to sober. She said uneasily, "What does everybody think of my leaving?"

She couldn't explain what had happened in the past four years, but it was not difficult for her to find it out from the infusion that Patrick had revealed. When she left, she was isolated from her family, because no one knew that she had lost her memory. Therefore, her leaving was an escape, and even... Elope.

Speaking of this, Isla was furious.

In her opinion, no matter what Violet had done, she must have her own difficulties.

As far as she knew about Violet, it was impossible for Violet to escape. Therefore, she blurted out the thoughts of Ben and Jasmine without hesitation and added, "I know what they said is not true."

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