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   Chapter 355 Be Promoted In Private

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He waved his hand and asked his secretary to wait outside and not allowed others to break in again. He turned around and said with a smile, "Mr. Gu, what made you so angry?"

Over the years, he finally figured out Terence's temper. It was difficult to get along with Terence, but if he got his trust, it would be easy to get along with him. The two of them had been working together for many years, and they had a better understanding of each other's temperament. If Terence didn't trust Kevin, how would he cooperate with him?

Seeing Terence's reaction, Kevin knew that he was really angry. But for Kevin, wasn't it a happy thing to see Terence get angry?

"Who is Anna?" Terence didn't stop but asked directly.

Hearing this, Kevin was stunned. He didn't expect that Terence still sensed the situation. But he still didn't say it frankly. He just smiled and said, "Anna is the best lyricist in our company. How could you think of her?"

"She is Violet!" Terence glared at Kevin, leaving no chance for him.

"Really?" Although Kevin looked surprised, he began to whisper in his heart.

Generally speaking, Terence wouldn't know about it, but now he asked, was he going to blame him?

Terence didn't care about Kevin's uncooperative behavior at all.

The only thing he couldn't calm down in his life was when he faced Violet.

Terence said calmly, "The Gu group is going to have some big movements recently and lacks funds. I'm going to sell the shares of the Hippo Record Company. Maybe I can hold on for a while. "

His half true and half false tone made Kevin nervous. Although the Hippo Record Company went smoothly, it was not invincible in the industry. There was always such kind of person who wanted to provoke it.

Terence had made a great contribution to the development of the Hippo Record. If Terence left, the challenge he would face would be huge.

If it were someone else who said it, Kevin might not believe it, but when it came from Terence, he had to guard against it. Because Terence absolutely had the guts to do so.

"Are you ki

t leave the sea river. He just came to the publicity office from the president's office.

Bruce told Terence everything. Soon, Terence knew Violet's life in the past four years.

"Mr. Gu, could you please not tell others that I told you this?" Bruce was a little uneasy, although he didn't tell him that the information couldn't be spread out. But he had a vague feeling that Anna's identity was not simple.

He admitted that Anna was talented. But when Anna first joined the company, she started from a student. With the status of the Hippo Record, there was no need to train a lyricist from scratch, but Anna was different.

Although he didn't know what was going on, Bruce was always careful.

Now, Terence had a crush on Anna, which made Bruce more sure that Anna's identity was not simple.

Terence didn't say yes directly, but said meaningfully, "You seem to need a vice manager in your office?"

He mentioned it on purpose, which shocked Bruce.

"Yes, my seat has been vacant since Mr. Zhang left," Bruce was confused, but he answered seriously.

Looking at the careful posture of Bruce, Terence turned his eyes and said, "Bruce, you are serious to your work. It's time to take some responsibility."

For a moment, Bruce couldn't understand what Terence meant, and he was still confused. But he soon realized what it meant to 'carry some burden on my body'?

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