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   Chapter 348 Survive The Disaster

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When Jasmine came to her senses, Ben was already far away. Jasmine noticed that instead of leaving the hospital, Ben walked towards Terence's ward. Did he come to tell her not to provoke Violet?

Jasmine didn't know whether to cry or to laugh, but she didn't dare to take any action.

Emily didn't treat Ben well either. Terence went out with Ben and become like this. If Terence hadn't gone out, there wouldn't have been such chaos even if there was no overseas business. So it was impossible that Emily didn't complain to Ben.

Ben knew he was not welcomed, but he could bear anything because she was Terence's mother.

He just hoped that Terence could wake up as soon as possible and that he could make up for his mistakes.

On the bed, Terence was still peaceful, as if he was asleep, as if he would wake up the next moment. Ben couldn't help looking at him a few more times, only to find that Terence really opened his eyes and looked at him.

Ben, who had always been serious, rubbed his eyes. Emily had already noticed this scene, but she was too excited to believe it now.

Ben walked to the bedside and checked carefully. Finally, he was sure that Terence had woken up.

"Terence, Terence, do you still remember who I am?" Ben asked with uneasiness. He was afraid of Violet's memory loss, fearing that Terence would have the same problem as Violet.

Terence, who had just woken up, was still a little weak, but the dissatisfaction in his eyes was obvious. Normally, if Ben saw Terence like this, he would immediately run away from him. But now, seeing this familiar scene, he almost cried with joy.

"Ben... why are you here?" Terence's tone was a little unhappy, because he hadn't spoken for a long time, and his voice was a little hoarse.

Although Ben's existence was not a secret in the Gu family, he had never been so generous to appear in front of them.

Terence's words showed that he didn't lose his memory and Ben was about to cry. He opened the door and shouted, "Doctor, doctor..."

All the doctors in the hospital were gathered in Terence's ward. After a series of checks, they were sure that Terence had fully recovered. As long as he didn't do strenuous exercise in the future, there would be no problem.

tly stroking her belly, which made him feel that his tiredness was completely dispersed.

He didn't worry about the Hippo Record because of the presence of Kevin. As for Yan family, he had no right to interfere. It was a rare chance for him to have free time. He planned to build a love nest with Violet here and give her and her child a stable home.


Violet also saw Patrick. She waved at Patrick and said in an intimate tone.

The corners of Patrick's mouth couldn't help but curl up. Although he had some hesitation when he dreamed of his original decision at midnight, he felt that everything was worth it at this moment. Violet was willing to accept him, which was a good start for him.

"How are you doing today?" Patrick walked up to them and the two kissed face to face to feel each other's breath.

In fact, compared with face-to-face kiss, Violet preferred Patrick to hug her. Unfortunately, her belly was too big now, and there was a distance between them. Patrick didn't dare to touch her, let alone hug her, for fear of any accident.

Patrick's meticulousness made Violet see the different side of this serious man. Especially at night, when he did prenatal education with her belly, she could feel the father's love from him.

"Well, I'm fine. Have you settled the company's affairs? " Violet also looked at Patrick gently. She had recognized the existence of Patrick and his identity. Therefore, in her opinion, their emotional expressions were the most reliable.

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