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   Chapter 344 Two Months' Pregnancy

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Started with the change of Terence. Probably Terence didn't realize how much he had changed because of Violet. If it was in the past, he would never give up his interest because of a woman. However, for the sake of Violet, he had done everything he couldn't do before.

This recognition made Patrick feel bad, but Violet, who had lost her memory again, lit up his hope.

He had been wondering whether their fate would change if he could pursue Violet earlier than Terence

Now his fate was right in front of him. How could he miss it?

Patrick made up his mind and began to think about his words.

Since Terence met Violet, he had changed a lot. It might be a good thing for a husband. However, for a soul character of an organization, it caused restlessness and was fatal to the organization.

Terence didn't need love. He couldn't have a weakness.

He had already thought about it, and Patrick was still waiting for his answer.

"What about her? She doesn't want to go back either? " The key to the problem was Violet. No matter what they had decided, if Violet returned to Terence, then everything would be meaningless.

Thinking of this, his eyes became sharp.

The reason why he came here on behalf of Terence was two reasons. One was for the safety of Terence, and the other was for Violet.

It was not to save her, but to deal with her without being noticed. No matter she was alive or dead, Violet could never appear in front of Terence.

Because this woman would bring great harm to Terence. He had to make everything disappear in the cradle.

This question finally came to Patrick's mind. Since he could see the intention of Ben, he could understand it.

It would be safer for Violet to stay here than to go back with Ben.

Ben was Terence's right-hand man, but he was also his most deadly threat.

"She has lost her memory," Patrick said lightly.

He had already seen this in the car, but he hadn't done an inspection, and everything was indescribable. Now in order to keep Violet, he could only say his definition in advance.

Ben's eyes finally became confused. He also doubted if it was a lie of Patrick.

ant to hear the rest. In a word, they were sure that Violet had lost her memory and could not recover in a short time.

Although it was not as Ben's expectation to put Violet beside Patrick. But Patrick promised that he would take Violet abroad, which made me relieved a lot.

Moreover, since Violet had Patrick, even if she regained her memory in the future, she would not have the face to come to Terence again.

Judging from Ben's mind, Patrick was a little sure. The old doctor said again, "She has been pregnant for two months. It's not the best time to treat her now."

His words were like a bomb exploding in Patrick and Ben's mind.

Two months...

At that time, Violet was still at home and the child was Terence's.

And Patrick was also very clear that from beginning to end, he and Violet were just simple friends, and the child could only be Terence's.

Knowing that Violet was pregnant with Terence's baby, he was not surprised, but angry. This showed that there was a constant connection between Terence and Violet. No matter where they were, the child was their deepest bond.

"I will take her abroad and never show up in front of Terence," Patrick said in a low voice.

Originally, he was not so stubborn, but because of Ben's thoughts, he had to think more. He was worried to hand Violet who had lost her memory to Ben. Even if Violet returned to Terence, he was more worried about her with Ben around.

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