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   Chapter 343 Terence Shouldn't Have Any Weakness

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If she couldn't stop the tiger here, all of them would die.

"Ouch..." The tiger roared. The beasts around seemed to listen to their arrangement and stopped attacking the car. They gathered around the tigers and stared at Violet.

The people in the car also gathered in front of the exposed windows, and everyone took their weapons and was ready.

To everyone's surprise, the animals were not stupid. As they faced the tiger together, the same jackal, or perhaps another jackal, had rushed in through the broken window opposite and had just landed in the middle of the car.

It seemed to be a little surprised when it rushed in at the first time. Someone had noticed this and it was too late to stop it.

In this way, a jackal and a group of people looked at each other. Outside the car, there were a group of fierce beasts.

The jackal hesitated for a while. He even looked at the tiger outside the window and began to attack the people in the car.

Out of instinct, everyone began to face the attack of the jackal. The jackal was small in size. Although it was brave, it was not a match for so many people. Soon, the jackal was knocked down and thrown out, and two people stood in front of the broken window, not daring to be careless.

Violet only took a glance at it and saw that the tiger was itching to have a try, as if it was about to attack.

Before she came to her senses, the tiger's body had suddenly grown larger.

Everyone was dealing with jackals, and no one would care about her. But she...

Violet decided to fight to the death!

The tiger's body was close in front of her, and Violet felt a strong mental pressure. Violet raised the hammer and was about to wave it with all her strength. Even if she couldn't kill the tiger, she couldn't let it be so powerful.

When the tiger was about to touch the edge of the window, Violet was ready to fight.


A loud sound of gun rang out in the forest, and the tiger fell. The beasts around seemed to be frightened and fled one after another.

In a moment, the car, which had been filled with beasts, disappeared in an instant. If the dead body of the tige

r sub-consciousness told her that she knew him.

But judging from the current situation, it was obvious that Patrick and Ben were not in the same group.

Ben seemed to have inadvertently glanced at the car that Violet was sitting in, and just looked into her four eyes. Violet quickly looked away. She always felt a chill when she looked at him.

It seemed that he was hostile to her?

"Hand her over." Ben had already looked away and snapped at Patrick.

When Ben arrived at the scene of the car accident a step later than Patrick, he caught up with the broken car and the wild beasts covered with guns on the ground. Fortunately, they arrived in time.

Patrick knew the relationship between Ben and Terence. It was supposed to represent Terence's attitude here. Logically speaking, even according to Violet's idea, he should hand her over.

However, Violet's change made him moved.

He glanced at the direction where Violet was. When he saw the puzzled look in Violet's eyes, he became more determined.

"You don't want her to go back, do you?" Patrick said slowly.

He looked relaxed, but his expression suddenly became fierce. Ben looked at Patrick with her dark eyes, as if the air from hell was spreading around.

Patrick knew too much.

Patrick was not afraid. He got close to Ben and whispered.

"Terence shouldn't have a weakness, because Violet has lost her mind. Do you want him to be like this?"

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