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   Chapter 342 Crazy Animal City

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7165

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When the last ray of light in the sky disappeared, the howls of wolves in the distance made the night even more gloomy.

"Please..." Violet explained too much that they couldn't invite her, so she used a single word to make them understand. She just hoped that someone could understand her.

"Get in the car?" The old woman asked. She spoke non-standard English, but what she meant was right.

Violet nodded her head as if she had got the most precious treasure, indicating that she would be safe in the car.

It was not until the old woman expressed Violet's meaning to everyone that they realized that safety was the most important thing in the dense forest. Everyone got in the car, but some of the glasses were broken because of the collision. They used cotton cloth or wooden board to block the broken part, which at least made them feel relieved.

Inside the car, everyone calmed down. At this time, someone took out his phone. The light in the darkness was always particularly precious.

Unfortunately, there was no signal here, or they could tell them what was going on here.

It was completely dark outside. They gathered together by the dim light of their mobile phones. When they fell from a high place, everyone was injured to varying degrees. Only then did Violet realize that there was a trace of blood on her head. It had been frozen for a long time.

While waiting for the rescue, everyone gradually fell asleep. Only then did Violet have time to sort out her memories. She had no idea why she came here. She didn't know where she was, nor did she know who she was.

She seemed to appear here out of nowhere, inexplicably shocking.

Her mind had completely lost the motivation to think, and the silence made people calm down. She leaned back in the chair and gradually fell asleep.

At midnight, the car suddenly shook violently. Violet woke up from her dream. She thought the rescue team had arrived, but when she opened her eyes, she found that everyone was gathering together. It was still dark outside, but there were countless pairs of shining eyes staring at them in the darkness.

All of a s

ch were blocked by cotton and wooden boards.

The beasts seemed to be tireless, and their power was blocked again and again. The people in the car began to feel tired.

Desperate and exhausted, a wild animal broke through the barrier after the attack, and the man who held it up was knocked off his feet. Although she was not hurt, she was desperate.

Violet noticed that it was a small jackal. Despite its small size, its cold, gleaming fangs seem to be able to tear everything in the way, making it impossible to pick up courage.

She explained the situation to the old woman and stood in front of the window for that person.

The jackal took a few steps back, followed by a more ferocious tiger.

Violet's arm holding the hammer was trembling. She had never encountered such a situation. A tiger was three or four times heavier than her. Even at a distance, she could still feel the majesty of the queen of the forest.

As for the other people on the other side, they were still attacking her, and no one could help her at all. She could only rely on herself.

She put the hammer in front of her chest, ready to face the tiger's attack at any time.

This might be an adult tiger, and its fat body could not resist the fierce posture.

Finally, the attack was on the way.

Violet didn't dare to be careless. There was no block in front of her, and the only thing she could rely on was her position.

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