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   Chapter 341 Survival In The Forest

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7128

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Ben had planned to press Terence's arms at the right time. This time, Terence had no way to resist.

He had used up all his strength and his mind was much clearer. Seeing that Terence could finally be persuaded, Ben said, "Terence, no one knows whether Violet is in this car or not. What if something happens and Violet is not in the car? What should we do? You are my elder brother. You can't act on impulse. "

At home, Terence was only the eldest grandson of the Gu family. However, when they went abroad, he was not only Terence, but also the soul of their organization. He couldn't be in trouble, and they wouldn't let anything happen to him.

Terence understood what he meant to the organization. He was too excited just now. What they said made sense. If Violet was not in the car, then what they had done was meaningless.

As for whether Violet was in the car or not, Terence tended to deny it. After all, with Violet's decisive attitude, it was difficult for her to return to him.

That night at the auction house, he also saw that she was not threatened. Although he didn't know it was Violet at that time, he could feel her relief when he heard her unscrupulous bidding.

"Ben...please. " Terence said seriously.

Ben nodded and felt relieved that he had persuaded Terence.

"Don't worry. I also hope she is fine." He comforted him.

Ben took a small group of people to the bottom of the cliff, and Terence stayed at the headquarters, waiting for the news of Violet.

In the depths of the dense forest, a bus full of people was trapped between the branches. The bus fell between two branches. All the people in the bus were intact, but they were dozens of meters away from the ground now.

Violet was also among them, surrounded by screams, which were filled with chaotic Ukraine language. She wanted to talk in English, but no one answered.

Through their competition, she could probably guess. These people wanted to climb out of the window and onto the branch, then they would be saved.

The first group of people had already got out of the bus. They carefully walked along the branch a


They couldn't see clearly what was going on. As the sky darkened, they were more worried about how to spend the night in the dense forest.

The strong ones were lying motionless in the distance, and no one dared to check the turbid blood. After all, falling from such a high place didn't give her any chance to live?

The people standing on the tree didn't make any sound anymore. Although they didn't know what had happened on the tree, no one would like to jump off the tree unless there was a very urgent situation.

It was getting dark, and the moonlight couldn't bring any light to the dense forest. The dark forest made everyone's fear rise all of a sudden.

How could a group of old, weak women and children contend against this gloomy forest?

Although Violet's mind was in a mess, she knew that she couldn't panic at the moment. She had to find a way to spend the night safely.

The memories in her mind were all occupied by safety.

Fortunately, they still had a car to use. In the car, at least it was safe. They needed each other's company in this dark night.

Everyone was shocked and didn't know what to do.

"Now, please come with me to the car. Only in the car can we ensure our safety. " Violet repeated her words in English.

But facing a person who didn't know what to say and the environment at the moment, it was difficult to calm down and listen to her arrangement.

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