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   Chapter 339 Unexpected Freedom

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Arthur's eyes were still fixed on the two people. There was a tacit understanding between them, but there was also an embarrassment that he could see. Arthur didn't want to make any comments on their relationship. The Yan family never did anything that would do no good to themselves. Judging from the current situation, even if they had nothing to do with each other, Patrick's feelings for Violet could not be underestimated.

However, in the eyes of Arthur, his grandson was always good, but he had different opinions on Violet.

"Wandering between two men, Mrs. Tang has a deep mind." Arthur directly attributed Violet to a "wanton" woman, who had always been despised by him.

Before Violet could say anything, Patrick explained for her.

"It's me. I've been pestering her. She was forced by me to be with me. "

"But she is still Terence's wife." Reminded Arthur.

Although he had no requirements for Patrick's woman, how could the Yan Family seduce other people's wives?

Patrick explained hurriedly, "No, this trip to Ukraine is our plan. She will leave Terence and come to me. If it weren't for Smith's plan, we wouldn't have done that. "

As soon as the door of lies was opened, more and more lies would emerge.

Patrick wouldn't put herself at a disadvantage, even if he was lying.

Violet accepted all his lies. She knew that if she didn't want to make trouble for Terence, she had to get rid of Arthur. She felt deeply sorry for Patrick, and she had to make up for it in the future.

This time, there was no surprise on Violet's face. She sat quietly next to Patrick, like a little wife.

Arthur could see that Patrick was determined not to let Violet return to the head of Buddha. But Terence had promised. If Violet didn't show up, it would be difficult to win the first place of Buddha.

For Arthur, the meaning of "Buddha's head" was far more important than a woman beside him.

But Patrick had already been serious. Compared with the relaxing relationship between him and Patrick, the meaning of "Buddha head" wa

I know. In fact, I have resigned from the record company. Even if I go back to China, I probably won't have a chance to get along with Patrick."

But this would make her feel that she owed Patrick a lot. The current situation did not allow her to resist too much, and she could only temporarily agree with Arthur. As for her apology to Patrick, she had to make it up in the future

Violet got off the car and drove past her without any pause. Several cars passed by in a row, which was very eye-catching.

All the danger seemed to disappear in an instant. With the ticket in her hand, Violet still had a feeling that she was in a dream.

How could it be so simple?

It was so simple that she felt a little confused.

She took the ticket and finally found a long-distance bus seat. When she sat in the car, she gradually breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that she was really saved.

In the car, Arthur's eyes remained the same. He whispered to his assistant.

"How is everything going with Smith?"

"Everything goes well. We have got the Buddha's head." The assistant was very calm, and the indifferent posture was very consistent with Arthur's image.

"Okay." Arthur finally had a long lost relief. His eyebrows relaxed and his mood was much happier.

Everything seemed to be over, but there was an anxious man waiting for Arthur in the villa.

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