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   Chapter 338 Lovers

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Even so, Arthur still found some strange signs. If Patrick really wanted to save Violet, he had the ability to send her out. In the end, they left without being noticed by anyone.

If Violet wanted to come back to Terence Gu, she could accept their exchange proposal and didn't have to hide in Patrick's room.

The matter between them was really a little baffling.

"Patrick?" Noticing the difference in the way Patrick addressed him, did it mean that Violet and Patrick had known each other for a long time?

Patrick said timely, "Violet is an employee of my record company."

This time, Arthur was even more confused. Because there was no such introduction in the information Smith gave him. Smith didn't tell him on purpose? Arthur believed that Smith probably didn't know the relationship between Patrick and Violet.

He was very clear about Smith's ability. If there was something that even Smith couldn't find out. Either the identity of the other party could not be reached, or it was deliberately concealed. If it was Violet, he thought it was the latter.

Patrick knew what Arthur was thinking, and in fact, he hoped that Arthur would think about it more. In this way, it was difficult to judge Violet's identity lightly. Even if she was deliberately concealed, her value was far greater than her own.

"Does Terence Gu know your relationship?" Arthur deserved to be called boss. He soon caught the key.

At first, he suspected that Terence Gu was a hidden person. But from the information Smith gave him, he could tell that Terence Gu and Violet had never been involved in Patrick's company when they got along with each other. Then

It was better to ask directly than to continue the investigation.

"Does he know the difference?" Patrick did not face the problem directly, but did not take it seriously.

His attitude made Arthur angry again. Before he got angry, Violet said, "Terence doesn't know that I work in a record company. Please don't tell him." Although she looked nervous, her attitude was very serious. Her wo

her habits. On the way, she always looked through the empty window to avoid makeup.

In fact, she had to check the window, glass, and even anything that reflected light. Patrick's words made her suddenly realize that——

"Ah You... You were in the car at that time? " Violet looked at Patrick in surprise, but after getting the affirmative reply, she was so shy that she wanted to find a crack to hide.

It was because of action, but it was unexpectedly embarrassing.

Patrick didn't care at all. If it weren't for this, they wouldn't have met for the first time. Violet was so cute.

Seeing that Violet had understood the cause and effect, Patrick said to Arthur seriously, "Grandpa, I'm serious. Please let her go."

If this was the only way to keep Violet, he was willing to do so.

The interaction between the two people was clearly seen by Arthur. He didn't deny their acquaintance. But their relationship made him doubt.

"Miss Tang seems to have a different idea." He looked at Violet and said coldly.

Through Patrick's series of hints, Violet also understood what he meant. And if she wanted to stay, she had to follow his heart.

Violet hesitated for a moment and said, "We, we are indeed lovers."

Admitting that they were lovers was better than being a burden to Terence Gu. If she could be saved in this way, then she must be like this.

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