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   Chapter 337 Stay With My Grandson

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Soon, Patrick realized that it was not a good time to think about it. He said calmly, "It's meaningless to say that now. Terence Gu has left."

After Terence left, he had more time to think about what he should do.

"No, Terence didn't leave, neither did the Buddha head." Said Arthur firmly.

Patrick looked at Smith in disbelief, his eyes sharp.

How could Smith not understand what Patrick was looking at?

In order to confuse Patrick, he didn't tell him that Terence had come back on purpose.

Although Yan family was powerful, some information was not as accurate as his hearsay. For example, Terence had never left Ukraine.

When Violet disappeared, he also suspected that Terence had done something secretly. If it was Terence Gu, he would be sincerely convinced. But with the news that Terence Gu pretended to leave, he guessed whether Violet was still in the villa.

Besides, Patrick spent more and more time in the room, which made him more suspicious of Violet's whereabouts.

Of course, it was just a guess that he naturally had no courage to search for the future heir of Yan family. What really made him confident was the inspection of the instrument.

They couldn't enter the room, so they couldn't see who was inside. But the newly bought equipment by Smith could detect this point perfectly.

When Patrick was out, they set up the instrument. The result showed that there was still a heat source hidden in Patrick's room. According to the data analysis, it was the heat emitted by a person.

Thus, Smith had the evidence that he dared to invite Arthur here.

Sure enough, everything was worth it.

In the face of Patrick's dissatisfaction, Smith said helplessly.

"I haven't told you that Terence Gu is back."

He repeated what he had told Patrick's grandfather. Of course, he only said that Terence Gu left and then came back. He didn't tell anyone that Terence Gu didn't leave. The so-called "leave" was just an appearance.

After all, he was now livin

't help but feel angry for Patrick.

"Then why are you with my grandson now?"

It was one thing that he didn't like Violet, but if Violet didn't like Patrick, the consequences would be very serious.

"I..." Violet didn't know what to say. As for Smith's kidnapping, Patrick had already told her.

At the critical moment, Patrick said mercilessly, "Grandpa, I asked her to stay in the room."

His posture was solemn, and there was no trace of concession in the face of Arthur's unfriendly gaze.

Arthur couldn't help but be discouraged. In consideration that he was forcing Violet to do so, did he offend Patrick? But after all, he was his grandson, and Arthur would not vent his dissatisfaction in front of outsiders. He stared at her and said, "We'll talk about your problem later."

Then he looked at Violet, waiting for her answer.

This time, Patrick didn't save her. Because he also wanted to know the answer to Arthur's question.

"Patrick and I are friends. There is nothing we can do about living here. Please let me go. I will never mention the Yan family when I go out. " Violet hesitated. She combed her current situation bit by bit and tried to think of the best excuse to rescue her.

Arthur didn't say anything, but turned to Patrick.

Patrick was expressionless and couldn't tell what he was thinking.

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