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   Chapter 336 For What

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So he didn't want to listen to him. Instead of listening to him, he had to go in the opposite direction.

It turned out that he did nothing wrong. There was not only one way to go in the world. He was just doing what he wanted to do.

"Patrick!" Arthur's tone was full of anger. Seeing that Patrick was still stubborn, he ordered, "stop him!"

The men in black stopped Patrick, and Patrick fought back rudely. His moves were irresistible. Even if there were five or six people standing in front of him, they were no match for Patrick.

Through Patrick's action, Smith had a preliminary understanding of the situation in Patrick room.

There were four puffs of smoke, and Violet had nowhere to hide. When Smith's men entered the room, she was found naked.

Finally, Patrick broke through the obstruction and entered the room. But as he entered, Violet was taken out of the room. Patrick caught a glimpse of the smoke bomb placed at the window and knew everything.

"It seems that you like to hide your 'prey', and your 'prey' is someone else's." Smith reminded her maliciously as he followed him.

Whether it was a fire or a fake one, when Smith found Violet in Patrick's room, the result was decided.

When Violet saw Patrick, she seemed to have found her mainstay. She looked at Patrick uneasily. Patrick walked quickly to her side, pushed away the people around her and pulled them behind her. He acted like a guardian, confronting everyone.

Smith's heart trembled when he saw Violet. Violet would rather believe Patrick than his promise. He admitted that he was not a good person. For people who didn't trust him, they didn't deserve his sacrifice.

Hearing the news, Arthur came. He didn't know Violet, so he frowned at Patrick's gesture. He just heard from Smith that Patrick had a mistress of Terence. He had doubted it before, but now the evidence was conclusive, so he had to believe it.

His seemingly cold grandson was also gentle to women?

Seeing his protective attitude, Arthu

know how to explain their relationship to Arthur.


In order to be friends, it was inevitable for Violet to leave.


That's a good idea, but will Violet accept it?

For a moment, Patrick's mind was in a mess. He had never expected that the entanglement of emotions would come to him one day.

"Because we were kidnapped by the villain, we were together to ask for help." Patrick glanced at Smith and said meaningfully.

It was no longer a secret that Smith kidnapped Violet. The "villain" in his words was Smith.

Arthur remained unmoved and said, "Smith did it for the head of the Buddha. And what do you want?" From Patrick's evasive words, Arthur had a guess.

He didn't object that Patrick found a woman like Violet Tang. She was just a tool to give birth to children, and it didn't matter who she was. What he cared about was how deep Patrick's feelings for she were. People like them were not destined to stay because of love. Interests were related to the fate of their family. Even if there was no "Buddha head", the relationship between Patrick and Violet could not be seen.

Hearing Arthur's words, Patrick also asked himself in his heart.

Did he help her just because of Violet's request? Or was it because he was also a little lucky? If Violet couldn't go back, would he also have a chance?

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