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   Chapter 335 If It Just An Obligation

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With Arthur's "morality", the marriage between Yan Family and Bai family would definitely be approved. In that case, what else could he say?

"They are all good people. If you can have a baby home, we won't force you." Arthur made the final concession, which was also the result of their mutual consideration.

Yan family was not an ordinary family, and it was not easy to choose a daughter-in-law. He was old and Patrick was no longer young. The Yan family needed a successor.

Taking advantage of his strong body, Arthur wanted to see the next generation of Yan family grow up with his own eyes.

Patrick didn't take it seriously. His child must be the fruit of his love with his lover. Not any random woman could give birth to it.

His eyes became colder and colder. Arthur looked over there with a guilty conscience, but dared not say anything. He knew that he was the last person to say that in his position. However, he had no choice.

Smith left, leaving only Patrick and Arthur in the room. Smith left so easily that Patrick didn't dare to be careless. He held his breath and waited for what Arthur would say next.

Arthur hesitated for a while and said, "I'm going to take Smith as my grandson. I'll announce to the public when he finishes his mission. What do you think about it? "

He looked at Patrick nervously. The uneasy look on his face didn't match his image.

Patrick was expressionless and indifferent. However, this was exactly the reason why Arthur felt nervous. He was not afraid that Patrick would not agree with his idea, but he was afraid that Patrick would be indifferent to it.

"Whatever." Patrick said expressionlessly. His "whatever" really didn't matter, and it really made Arthur feel helpless.

"If he becomes my sworn grandson, he has the same right of inheritance as you legally." Arthur reminded Patrick. Although he had no intention of leaving the Yan family to an outsider, he insisted on stimulating his reflexive nerves.

What he couldn't accept most was Patrick's indifference to his family. He wan

n to put out the fire. "

Smith came to report with concern.

Patrick looked at his room and found that the thick smoke had already overflowed. The situation in this crisis could be imagined.

In an instant, Patrick had understood the whole plan.

Arthur took him out of the room, while Smith followed him to set fire and put out the fire in order to search inside. Blind dates and care were just appearances. Their real purpose was to search the room.

"Smith, you did it on purpose!" Patrick said in an unfriendly tone to Smith.

"What are you talking about?" Smith said innocently. Although he looked confused, it was hard to hide his complacency.

Patrick ignored their entanglement and rushed to the villa. He only cared about Violet. Would anything happen to her if she was so angry?

"Patrick, you can't go in." Arthur's majestic voice came from behind, but Patrick ignored it.

Several men in black stood in front of him with obvious intention to stop him.

Patrick turned around, looked at Arthur and said coldly.

"Grandpa, I didn't listen to you before. I won't listen to you now, and I won't listen to you in the future."

Arthur always thought he was a God and his orders must be obeyed. If he didn't obey, he would be disrespectful.

But what would happen to the person who followed his orders? Patrick knew better than anyone else.

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