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   Chapter 334 The Unreachable Fiancee

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Although Smith didn't investigate the whereabouts of Violet these days, as far as Patrick knew, Smith was not the person who would give up. The reason why he didn't investigate further was that he was waiting for an opportunity.

Now that Mr. Arthur came, it was the right time.

"What happened?" Violet walked out of the bedroom and asked.

Although Patrick had always been serious, Violet could tell the subtle change of his expression after getting along with him for a long time. If the matter was trivial, there would be some coldness under the seriousness of Patrick. If it was serious, he would frown slightly.

Now Patrick was the second case, which made Violet a little worried.

"My grandfather is here." Patrick said bluntly.

"Grandpa?" Violet was a little confused. She had heard that Patrick's grandfather was still abroad, but "abroad" was not here, was it?

Time was running out for Patrick to explain. He said in a low voice.

"It's very likely that Smith came here to search my room. If grandpa wants to enter the room, I have no right to stop him. " That was what worried him. Smith knew more about it than he did.

Although Terence Gu had returned, he would not give up easily to rescue Violet. If there was any deal between Smith and Terence, he would know nothing about it.

"Then I..." Violet also knew her situation and couldn't help worrying.

"Hide in the bathroom of the bedroom for the time being. I'll figure it out." Patrick tried to comfort her.

The reason why he explained the situation to Violet was that he hoped she could understand, not to make her feel afraid.

She wouldn't be in danger with him.

This seemed to have become a tacit understanding between them.

Violet nodded. She could understand.

As soon as Patrick finished speaking, there was a knock on the door. He signaled Violet to enter the room with his eyes, and she quickly went into the bedroom to hide.

When she was about to close the door, her head was exposed, as if she had something to say. Patrick smiled at her and comforted her.

After closing the d

mith. Smith hurriedly put the folder in front of Patrick, as if he was an assistant of Mr. Arthur.

Patrick glanced at it. Before he opened the folder, Arthur said, "Here are the information about the girls your grandmother selected. You can check these when you are in the room."

Patrick frowned at his words.

Patrick's marriage was the most important thing in the Yan family. They had never been worried about it since childhood, so they thought marriage was definitely unnecessary. However, Patrick was almost forty years old, but he didn't even have any kids under his knees. What he did made the two elders worried.

Even if he didn't get married, even if it was a woman they didn't like, as long as they had a child, they would be relieved.

"I have a fiancee." Patrick said loudly.

He used to say that with a sense of waiting, but now it turned into a perfunctory answer. He would only marry the one he loved in his life, whether he had a fiancee or not.

Hearing this, Arthur got angry.

"What fiancee? The Bai family can't even find their daughter. Do they still hope that they can find their granddaughter?"

Arthur had a lot of complaints about the Bai family, but the arranged marriage had become an excuse for Patrick. The key point was that Patrick chose the wide clan. What should he do?

Patrick didn't argue. No matter what he said, the result would be the same.

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