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   Chapter 333 Love Came With Orders

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7289

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The busy work made him neglect this touch of his heart. But a year later, when Kevin brought Violet into his office, his heart skipped a beat again.

Because the woman who looked at her makeup through the window was Violet.

Patrick understood that this kind of throb was not a coincidence, but an attachment that had always existed in the depths of his heart. When he got along with Violet in the future, he felt that he could not control his heartbeat.

This was fatal to him, but it was also a joy.

But everything disappeared with the identity of Violet was 'Mrs. Gu'.

Patrick had his own proud. Although he liked Violet, he would never destroy other people's family. When Violet lost her memory, he was both concerned and happy.

During the period when Violet lost her memory, their relationship had progressed rapidly. He didn't want Violet to be afraid of him. If possible, he wanted her to be closer to him.

But memory loss was only temporary. When everything returned to its normal position, everything would disappear.

He had calmed down, but the God arranged them to meet again thousands of miles away. Was there anything else more exciting than this?

Seriousness was just an appearance, and his heart had been hidden deeply.

Patrick was so excited that he didn't know that the day after he first met Violet, it was the first time that Violet and Terence Gu met.

If love came with order, then he would not miss it.

In the following days, Violet spent her time in Patrick's room. He didn't know what Patrick had said to Smith, and he didn't dare to break in again. Patrick would occasionally tell Violet about the outside world. For example, they didn't have the 'Buddha's head' from Terence Gu, and Terence Gu had left Ukraine.

Knowing that Patrick didn't get what she wanted, Violet felt a little sorry. Knowing that Terence Gu had left, she felt both lucky and disappointed. But this was her choice. What could she do?

Everything was fine here, and the only inconvenience was that the two of them stayed alone at night.

But Patrick was a gentleman. He always let her sleep on the only big bed, and he himself went to th


Patrick didn't say anything about his grandfather's love and concern. He just stood there respectfully with a trace of alienation.

His grandfather couldn't complain about the bitter fruit he had planted. He stared at Patrick coldly for a while and then turned to look at Smith and said, "Smith, you have to deal with the matter of the 'Buddha's head' by yourself. If you can't complete the task, you know the result." His voice was as stern as ever, and even a glance from him could make Smith tremble for a long time.

"Yes, my Lord," Smith said respectfully.

For Patrick, he might not respect him from the bottom of his heart. But he really respected the old man whom he had always admired.

Seeing that Arthur was a little tired, he fawned on him and said, "Mr. Arthur, the room has been prepared for you. How about you go to rest first?"

"Okay." Arthur nodded and looked at Smith meaningfully.

The two of them echoed each other in front of Patrick. Smith had arranged all the preparations, which made Patrick, the real grandson, useless.

Patrick went back to his room as soon as he saw his grandfather went back.

He didn't think that his grandfather would specially come to see him. This kind of reluctance had disappeared several years ago. The reason why Arthur came here was probably because of the Buddha's head. He wouldn't let go of anything related to the Buddha's head, including the 'disappearance' of Violet.

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