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   Chapter 331 The Devil, Patrick

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In her view, Patrick was just the boss of the Hippo Record. She had no idea that he had a house in another country.

Then she realized that the Yan family had contact Smith, which meant that the Yan family was not simple.

Her eyes were so pure and innocent that Patrick didn't want to lie to her. He was always serious when it came to work, but he wanted to follow his heart in front of Violet. Facing the confusion in Violet's eyes, he explained, "Me or Smith, we can't tell others what we have done."

Violet was like a innocent rabbit that knew nothing at all. She was so pure that no one dared to smear her. But protecting her didn't mean that he didn't tell her anything and make her live in the false security.

"What have you done?" Violet asked.

She realized that she had said something wrong.

She could tell from Smith that Patrick was not a simple man. Smith was even afraid of Patrick. How could such a man be simple in the things he had done?

She had witnessed all the fights and killings. She was also shocked when she saw Terence's secret prison. Compared to others, she just found it acceptable to talk about them.

"Bang. Bang. Bang." When Patrick was about to explain, someone knocked on the door.

Violet sensed that something was wrong. She and Patrick looked at each other. She felt nervous and frightened.

"Who?" But Patrick was different. He was calm on the surface.

"It's me, Patrick." The voice of Smith came from outside the room, which made Violet more nervous.

She pointed at the door and then herself. She was telling Patrick that she couldn't meet Smith. If Smith found her here, her whole night's guard would be in vain. It might even cause trouble to Patrick.

Nodding his head, Patrick took her to his bedroom and told her before closing the door, "Stay here. I'll take care of it."

Violet tried to calm down, but she had a bad feeling. She could only nod at Patrick. At present, only Patrick could be trusted.

The head search team on the ceiling had retreated for so long, and Smith frowned upon the report.

Although the v

ut it. But since it was Violet, he couldn't tolerate this.

"So you want to search my place?" He was born noble, cold but a little bit oppressive.

Smith had to admit that he couldn't resist to admire these born natures in him.

In his eyes, Yan family was like a God. Therefore, he even felt a little panic when he was facing Patrick's suppression.

But it didn't matter. He had to do it.

"We are not searching. We are just checking," Smith insisted.

Patrick was confused by Smith's tough attitude. In his opinion, there were few people who could resist his arrogance. Now that Smith was capable of achieving this goal, he believed that his grandfather had a good eye in choosing his men.

"What if I don't agree?" Patrick asked directly.

His grandfather had his own opinion. He also had his own opinions. If he couldn't protect Violet, then how could he be the successor of the Yan family?

Smith was clear that if he couldn't give Patrick a convincing reason, he would not be able to enter the room.

He was not sure if Violet was hidden here as his documents didn't show any connection between her and Patrick. And Patrick's attitude was easier to explain because he had never taken him seriously.

After hesitating for a while, Smith finally decided to tell Patrick what had happened. He said plainly, "This 'prey' is related to the direction of the Buddha's head."

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