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   Chapter 330 No One Would Climb On The Ceiling Under Normal Situation

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Violet also felt that she was stared at by someone, but when she turned back, she was full of incredulity.

"Yan, Patrick..." She was so surprised that she even forgot her identity and called Patrick by his full name.

It seemed that Patrick had just finished his shower. Patrick wore a bathrobe, and his hair was still dripping. He leaned against the door frame and was about to look at her with interest.

Violet was wondering if it was impolite to call her by her full name. After all, they were not so close. But the sound above her head became clearer. She stared at the ceiling in a state of trance.

There was only one thing in her mind that she would be killed if Smith found her.

All of a sudden, Violet didn't realize what she had done. With a sudden big stride, Patrick rushed towards her. Violet could feel a piece of white flashed in front of her. When she looked up again, the ceiling had been completely closed.

The searcher also found the room block and left after making sure that there was no trace of Violet.

Patrick had been paying attention to the sound in the ceiling. He didn't look at Violet until the sound disappeared.

It was too incredible for Violet to meet Patrick here. She suddenly remembered lots of things about Patrick, for example, she dared hand in her resignation to Patrick. And she dared to look straight into Patrick's eyes.

All the memories were so clear. It was not until then that Violet realized that these were the memories during her amnesia. She remembered her past, which made her realize how miserable she was when she lost him.

She and Terence loved each other, and she was also keen on record.

Patrick held his arms and looked at Violet up and down and waited for her explanation.

Patrick knew that Violet was in Ukraine, but he didn't know what happened after she came here.

He had to admit that he had some feelings for Violet. But it was exactly because of this feeling that he didn't want to sink into it. His identity and the identity of Violet all proved that they were not meant to be toget

r eyes, but she hoped to be stronger.

Patrick looked at her coldly. Violet said immediately, "I don't need you to help me out. I just want you to call Terence." She was lucky enough to meet Patrick here, so she didn't dare to bother him anymore.

"Terence..." Patrick called his name in silence, seeming to have a deeper meaning.

It suddenly occurred to Violet that Terence was not here. She could not contact him and let him worry about her in vain. She turned to him and said, "No, you'd better call the peacekeeper troop. Please ask Sean to pick me up and take me away. "

She was sure that Sean could help her out of here. Now she only needed Patrick to make a phone call for her.

The look in Violet's eyes changed from expectation to pleading. She would do anything for Patrick as long as she could leave here.

Seeing the appeal eyes of Violet, Patrick was not as calm as he appeared to be. He was happy than surprise to meet Violet here. He could easily take her away, let alone make a call.

However, he had some hesitation at this moment.

He even didn't want her to leave.

Violet wanted to leave here because she felt threatened by her own life. What if he could protect her?

"Violet, it seems that you know nothing about us." With a serious look on his face, he seemed to have been faced with some kind of melancholy.

"What?" What's wrong with you?

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