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   Chapter 328 A Deliberate 'Mistake' Of Surveillance

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"Are we going to destroy it?" Ben asked coldly.

In fact, he had already completely taken away all of the secrets of the 'Buddha's head'. In addition to these secrets, the Buddha's head itself was quite valuable. But if Smith got the Buddha's head, he would certainly study it well. If he got it, he was afraid that something bad would happen. Thus, he could do nothing but wait for the order of Terence.

"Destroy it," Terence said seriously, staring at it.

He had spent five billion on a project, but it was ruined by himself in the end.

Without hesitation, he took out a knife. As soon as the knife was unsheathed, it stood out with its radiance. It only scratched slightly on the 'Buddha head' and the words on it were cut through.

Ben did not pause. As his action got more and more intensive, the words inside were beyond recognition. In this way, even if Smith got the Buddha's head, he would not be unable to discover the secret.

He didn't give a broken Buddha's head to Smith, but instead he put some gold water made of special materials in it. The golden water ran through the messy edge of the blade and miraculously flattened the traces. It didn't take long for the golden water to smooth all the cutting edge. Even if Smith opened the Buddha's head, he could only see a head without any secrets inside it.

The Buddha's head was sealed again, looking the same as before.

And in the mansion, Violet had been crawling through the tunnel for a long time. Because she didn't know what was going on, she crawled very carefully and she was afraid of making any noise. After she crawled for a long time, she slowly opened the ceiling.

It seemed to be a room downstairs, and the room was dark without any light. Therefore, Violet couldn't figure out where she was now? She needed to go to the first floor and waited for the opportunity. But now she didn't know where to go at all. She could only go for nothing.

She decided to wait until dawn. She was here anyway, and Smith could not find her in a short time.

Smith asked the man to leave and then he stayed in the room under surveillance to watch

Violet himself. He didn't

ng for Smith for a long time and she knew exactly what he wanted to do. She knew that only by not beating around the Bush would she be able to win Smith's heart. Even if she didn't stay in the name of his woman, she had to stay with him.

What's more, in her eyes. Violet wasn't interested in Smith, which made her have a bigger chance to get close to him.

Smith cast a glance at Sally and didn't say anything. He looked inside and outside, but did not find a place to hide.

"Check the surveillance video," he said in a low voice.

The screen was turned on, but there was no monitor in Violet's room. They thought that man-made surveillance was the safest way, but they didn't expect that something went wrong with these men.

Smith looked at Sally indifferently, who was a little flustered at the moment. She knew that things shouldn't have gone wrong if she hadn't left halfway. However...

She had no other choice.

Sally lowered her head and said nothing.

Smith cast a glance at her and then looked away.

According to the video, Violet didn't walk out of the room. That meant she was still in her room!

They had searched every corner in Violet's room. Smith led the team and didn't neglect any corner of the room.

Sally also pretended to be active and searched for her carefully. But in her heart, she was eagerly hoped for Violet to leave. In this way, she wouldn't have to think about how to frame her.

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