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   Chapter 327 Women's Instinct Was Better Than Men's

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7193

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She had followed Smith since she was sixteen years old. If she saw too many women around him, she would come to no good end. No one could stay with him for a month, but she had been with him for twelve years.

She knew that she was only an assistant to Smith. She was different from those women around him. But it was also because of this that he would never have any feelings for her.

She couldn't reconcile herself to the fate of being with him for twelve years. All she wanted was to let him see her.

Yes, he saw her. They had done all the things that they shouldn't do together.

But after that?

Lying on the bed, Violet had fallen asleep tight. Sally's eyes which stared at Violet became deeper and deeper. She was a woman, and her instinct was always much better than that of a man. She could clearly feel the difference Smith to Violet.

He was so careful that he was afraid that Violet would be scared and nervous. This was different from his usual behavior that scared Sally. She wasn't afraid of many women around Smith, no matter how many of them. But she was afraid that he might have a crush on them.

And Violet was her biggest concern now.

The more Sally thought about it, the more angry she became. Seeing that Violet had fallen asleep, she ordered her men to stay aside and watch her. She went to the Smith's room to ask him something clearly.

Lying on the bed, Violet didn't change. With a glare at her, Sally hurried away.

The man who was in charge of watching her, couldn't help but doze off after staring at a woman who had fallen asleep. He also fell asleep gradually.

As time went by, Violet still didn't move as if she had fallen asleep.

But how could she fall asleep in his territory, when she was faced with a man who had kidnapped her?

Although she did not find the surveillance video in the room, just as Sally thought, women's intuition was always much more clear than men's. And she became alerted because she didn't see any camera here. When she was kidnapped, there were many cameras installed in a small room which was half closed. Smith was still watching what happened there.


"Ben, let's begin." Terence stood aside, poker faced. He glanced at the masked man and said lightly.

He nodded. Although he couldn't see his expression under the mask, he could still feel his care and caution.

He put on a pair of gloves and fumbled on the 'Buddha's head' for a while, but he didn't know what mechanism he pressed. The 'Buddha's head' suddenly opened from the middle. The original neat and smooth interface scattered around in an instant. The fine piece of art on the table was now torn into pieces. Fortunately, they seemed to be connected into each other so that they would not fall.

It turned out the Buddha's head was hollow, and a fine black bead came into view. It was refined and smooth, and the dark color was natural and pure.

Ben picked up the bead without hesitation. The bead was not big, and one hand could hold it.

The bead didn't stay at Ben's hand for a long time. In the face of such a special bead, Ben didn't even look at it and handed it to Terence directly.

There was still no expression on Terence's face. He was just waiting for Ben to finish the series of moves.

Terence took a look at the bead and then looked at the Buddha's head.

There were many small words in the 'Buddha head'.

Ben took out the copy and carefully copied it into three pieces of paper. The shape of the words was very strange, and the crooked words were difficult to recognize.

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