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   Chapter 325 Messenger From Hell

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Violet stared at the woman silently. She saw the imperative expression in the woman's eyes. She knew she couldn't escape, but could she only die of being a fool?

The woman said, "We have no grudge against each other. It is your cleverness to be blamed."

She was so smart that even that kind of excellent man would be attracted by her. So she had to kill that her.

The woman's word did not give her any hint. She was totally confused. She never considered herself smart, let alone showing off. The woman said she was smart? How could it be possible!

If she was killed because she was smart, then she had countless reasons to debate with her. She was always good at arguing.

But the woman gave her no chance to explain. A cold knife appeared in her hand again. Violet finally got the chance to see how the woman killed several men on the ground. And this time, perhaps, was the ending of her own fate.

She slowly closed her eyes. If this was her fate, she had to accept it.

The woman was ready to fight. The knife in her hand was shining with cold light. Violet had been ready to die, but after waiting for a long time, there was no death. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the woman standing in front of her with an evil smile.

Apparently, the woman did not intend to let her go, and why did she suddenly stop?

"I find that I can't kill you," the woman said indifferently. Her eyes were still killer, which made Violet couldn't believe that she would let her go.

The fact also proved that the woman wouldn't let her go. She left Violet side, but went to the side of several men who had already died. She tore open a man's clothes, held it in her hand, and slowly walked towards Violet.

On the other hand, Violet, who had just returned from the verge of death, began to think fast. She suddenly realized that the reason why the woman could not kill her was not because of herself, but because of the power behind the woman?

And the woman was holding the man's clothes, would she want to use other's knife to kill her?

At this moment, Violet's mind was clear. She w


Violet was filled with anger now. She could not agree with a person who contradicted himself.

"I'm afraid it's not a coincidence, but man-made," she said bluntly what Smith had arranged for her. She wanted to tell Smith that she wasn't a fool and she knew what he was doing.

What Violet said made Smith laugh. Smith was very pretty. That's right, it was pretty.

Terence was masculine and handsome, while Smith was feminine and pretty. Especially when he laughed, he looked a little bit more enchanting than women.

At this moment, Violet did not care whether he was enchanting or charming. She only knew that the man in front of her had a double face.

"Thanks to 'man-made'." Smith didn't deny, but pointed out the present situation of Violet straightforwardly.

Violet looked at the man lying on the ground and could not help shivering.

She was not the Virgin Mary so she did not want to be merciful to those who hurt her. But she was still afraid that so many people would die in front of her.

Smith was not uncomfortable. Seeing that Violet didn't say anything, he directed his eyes at the woman and seemed to be waiting for an explanation.

His eyes fell on the ragged clothes in the woman's hand, and his eyes suddenly darkened.

Even if the light couldn't shine on her at this moment, she could still feel the bloodthirsty factors that Smithers emitted.

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