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   Chapter 323 The Constraint From Men

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The 'Buddha's head' was taken back by Terence. It was precious, but the most precious was a secret hidden in it. Clearly, Smith didn't know that. Otherwise, he wouldn't let Terence get the Buddha's head before him?

Violet walked on the street. Her twelve centimeter high heels made her fall down for several times while she was running. But she couldn't stay any longer. Once she stopped, it would be a death threat to her life.

She still couldn't figure out why Smith just kidnapped her?

What's more, he only asked her to attend one auction and then let her go. What did he do for that?

But no matter what he was up to, she wouldn't be safe as long as she returned to the base.

It was the first time Violet came here, so she was still unfamiliar with the place around the base, let alone this place was hundreds of kilometers away. She walked along the street for a long time, but did not see the police station. She asked several people, but she had to give up because she couldn't speak the same language.

She wandered on the street, hoping to find a place to rescue, even if there was a station. Only when she could find a person who was able to communicate with her language could she find a way to go back to the base.

Unfortunately, her ring was gone. Otherwise, he could send the location through the ring.

It was late at night and there were fewer and fewer people on the street. Walking on the foreign road, violet felt cold all over. The climate here was not as hot as she had thought. At night, the temperature here suddenly changed. The chill had spread at the place where she felt hot in her skirt.

Violet only wore a dress with her calves exposed. Fortunately, she also had a shawl. Even so, she still shivered with cold.

All the stores on the street were closed, and the street was ablaze with lights. The gloomy signs made people feel frightened.

She was looking forward to find some entertainment place. Perhaps she could meet someone in English there?

The streets were deadly silent before, but now all the people were gone. The sky was overcast, and there was no light in it. Violet crossed her arms over her chest and searched for the place quickly with her s

acant space between the two men who approached to her. If she moved fast enough, she could break out from the empty space. She only hoped that these people wouldn't react too fast.

With a plan in mind, Violet began to wait for a chance. She had only one chance and she must be careful.

The two men had been cautious, but when they saw Violet seem to be very afraid, they became bolder. One of them saw that he was about to touch Violet, so Violet took the opportunity to move left while the man didn't manage to catch her. She had to take advantage of this opportunity to escape from the vacant space the man had just yielded. Everything was possible.

But she had only gone a few steps when her arm was dragged back. The man threw her back and with her whole body bumped against the wall, she felt a sharp pain in her brain. Before she knew what had happened, those men rushed to her.

Violet could obviously feel the coldness of her arms, and her clothes began to be torn. She hurried to protect herself, but the woman's strength was limited, not to mention in front of several men. Her legs and feet were restrained, and a man was groaning, riding on her body. But she could do nothing. She shouted 'help!' but there was no response on the empty road. No one would come to her rescue.

She was desperate. Facing several tough men, she had no power to fight back.

Being treated like this on the streets of a foreign country, she lost all hope.

If possible...

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