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   Chapter 313 If He Had Known It, He Would Have Acted Differently

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Liam was moved by her words, which showed that the hard work he had done for all these years was finally paid off.

From the moment he saw Violet, all he wanted to do was to treat her as a princess. He never thought that she would disappear in his life, nor did he think about leaving her. All he wanted to do was to be with her, and to serve a little princess like her.

Liam's heart knot was finally dissolved, and he became the warm and loving father again.

"What about my trip to Ukraine?" Violet put forward her request at an appropriate time, which made Liam a little hesitant.

Violet didn't want him to misunderstand her, so she said quickly, "Dad, this is not a deal. You can say whatever you want. It's not as dangerous as you think. Besides, don't you believe what Terence said? " She looked at Terence gently and gave him a hint.

With things as such, what could he do? He had thought that Liam's paternal love would be able to stop her from leaving, but this time, it turned out that her father had failed too.

"Yes, Dad, it is relatively safe there," he said.

Violet could not help frowning. What did he mean by 'relatively'? Couldn't he just say it was safe there?

Actually, Terence was also planning something. How much he hoped that Liam could understand the implication of his words. However, Liam only had his daughter in his heart now. Even if Terence told him the it was not safe, Liam would not help him, let alone being hinted by Terence.

"Well, it took me half a life to understand that. As long as you want, I will support anything you do."

Liam sighed with emotion.

"So you agree?" Violet Tang asked with uncertainty.

"Yes!" Liam made a solemn promise.

He had figured out everything. Nothing was more important than Violet's happiness. No matter whose daughter she was, her surname was Tang. She was the apple of his eye. Even if they were not related by blood, so what? 'Everything will be fine as long as Violet admits it that I am her father, ' he thought.

"That's great, Dad. I love you. " Violet jumped into her father's arms without any hesitation. She knew that her father was the best father in t

their home. He couldn't wait for a week, let alone such a long time. Besides, Melisa was not that hardhearted back then. She was reluctant to leave and he did not allow her to leave at all.

The relationship between Violet and Terence was so weird.

Liam was lost in thought before he realized it.

They only had one day to be together. As a man who never thought that time was uncertain before, he suddenly had an idea that he wouldn't let Violet leave. He was not that generous. He didn't want to neglect his wife, and let her to be a volunteer abroad.

In Liam's words, volunteer could stay at home. But why did she choose to go abroad?

But he also knew that if he wanted to retrieve their relationship, he could not refuse. It was worthwhile to exchange three months for a lifetime.

Bored to death, they sat at home and had nothing to say to each other. Even though they sat together quietly, it made him feel happy.

Knowing from Sheryl that she had told Patrick she would not write lyric temporarily, Violet felt relieved. Now what she only needed to do was to wait, wait for tomorrow...

"Thank you for taking care of me these days." Violet broke the silence.

"I will also take care of you in the future." Terence's voice was cold. He felt that they were goodbye forever. This made him extremely uncomfortable, so he urgently needed to have a future with her.

Violet would be back soon, and she was still his wife.

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