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   Chapter 298 Surrounded By The Nurse

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"What?" She was held up by Terence from the ground.

The sudden hug made Violet instinctively put her arms around his neck. After getting the favors, Terence walked toward his bedroom in a good mood, but Violet felt like she was like a lamp about to be eaten by a tiger.

Well, it seemed that she should not forgive him so soon...

But they could just solve it on bed.

The next day, Violet called Patrick and told him that she wanted to make a temporary decision of working as a nurse.

She originally wanted to go to the company and talk with Patrick face to face. But she was really afraid of Patrick's eyes so she made a phone call instead.

On the other side of the phone, Patrick kept silent for a while, and under the uneasiness of Violet, he finally gave her a confirmed answer.

Violet Tang was a part-time worker of Hippo Record Company. Now that she had finished her lyrics, she had nothing important to do recently, so she could focus on working as a nurse.

Poor Violet Tang hung up the phone gingerly and said sorry to Patrick.

"Violet, a handsome man is looking for you in the hospital." Violet was making the rounds of the wards when Lily told her all of a sudden.

She was stunned as she didn't think she would meet a 'handsome' guy recently. Lily knew Kevin and Terence, so it was impossible for her to call anyone of them 'handsome'. But if it was someone else, who would it be?

It reminded her of the phone call this morning. Could it be Patrick?

She got nervous immediately and was even more scared than when she attended the operation for the first time. It was all her fault. If Patrick came to her, she would have no strength to fight back.

"What are you thinking about? Go ahead. You look as good as Mr. Gu. " Lily blinked at her ambiguously, took the instrument from her and urged.

Violet felt like weeping but had no tears. If it was Patrick, she didn't know if she would come back safe and sound.

The nurse station had been surrounded by young nurses. When she saw the man in the middle, she felt relieved.

Fortunately, it was not Patrick.

But why did Winner come here?

"Violet..." As soon as Winner saw her, he shouted. He didn't

e could not believe it.

But it seemed that Violet didn't notice his difference and she even explained to him seriously that she had already had breakfast and could not go out during working hours.

Winner also made an excuse and left the hospital in a hurry.

He was going to seek justice from Patrick!

Before leaving, he chose a restaurant and brought the breakfast to Violet. Whether she had eaten it or not, it was his way of expressing his kindness.

Violet had to give the breakfast to Lily who didn't have it. She was happy and became more curious about Winner.

Violet told her briefly that Winner was Parsons's grandson. This time, Lily had no more ideas about him. According to the character of Parsons, his grandson might not have a good temper.

However, Lily was wrong.

Violet didn't try to correct Lily, fearing that she might ask more. So she made a lot of mistakes later and found her true love by accident. This was another story.

If she didn't go to record company, she could still focus on her work. The nurse's work was complicated and trivial, and related to human life. It was of great significance.

Violet had the faith of saving people from childhood. As a nurse, she was responsible for every life.

After the Luo family had an eldest grandson, Isla had a higher position in the Luo family. Those relatives of the Luo family who used to look down upon Isla have been fawning on her now, hoping to gain Mrs. Luo's favor.

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