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   Chapter 277 She Has A Lot Of Secrets

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She realized that she had made a slip of the tongue. As a president, what kind of lottery draw would attract Miss Tang's attention?

Miss Tang just smiled at her, without saying anything to embarrass her.

Kevin's eyes brightened up in an instant. All his subordinates were arranged to work for Sheryl and impossible to leave in a few minute. Now with the help of Miss Tang, it would be the best.

"Thank you, Miss Tang." He thanked on behalf of Violet sincerely. He agreed with Miss Tang's arrangement.

Violet stared back at him, thinking why he made such a decision. She just met Miss Tang once, and it seemed that she didn't like her very much. How could she ask her to send her home abruptly? Only Kevin could do such a thing.

Violet hesitated for a moment and then Kevin whispered into her ear, "If you don't leave now, Terence would come out soon."

This time, Violet had to leave with Miss Tang reluctantly.

No wonder Miss Tang was one of the top celebrities. She could avoid the journalists as easily as she could. Since the tenth anniversary party of Hippo Record Company was unprecedented grand, many super stars who didn't want to show up also entered from the back door. In order to obtain the first news out of it, the reporters had been desperate to get it. A lot of people had gathered at the back door.

Seeing this, Violet couldn't help but secretly sigh that she was lucky to come in when the reporter did not show up. But she couldn't go out now. What should she do?

Miss Tang didn't panic. She directly took Violet to the underground parking lot. As soon as they reached the parking lot, a black car stopped in front of them. Violet followed Miss Tang into the car. There were many reporters stopping outside the parking lot, but the driver, who had experienced dodging for many years, wasn't afraid of them. He moved left and right to avoid the reporters and successfully broke through them.

Violet heaved a sigh of relief when they were on the broad road.

It was impossible for her to escape from such siege alone.

However, things were not that simple. The driver told Miss Tang that reporters were following their car, which made Viol

Terence is so strange. By the way, you live here. I remember that Terence also lives here. "

The most important thing was that the way Violet looked at Terence was love, yet there was also sadness and loneliness in her eyes. But the most important thing was confusion. This kind of feeling was most experienced by women.

Violet knew that it was unnecessary for her to hide the truth, so she begged, "Could you please keep it a secret?" As 'Mrs. Gu', she didn't want to appear in public so early.

Moreover, it was not sure whether she would be Mrs. Gu for long.

What Violet said provoked Miss Tang's most sensitive nerves, and she said unhappily, "I'm not that bored."

"I didn't mean that..." Violet explained hurriedly. She didn't suspect Miss Tang. She just had an extra caution.

But Miss Tang didn't let her explain.

"You can go now." Miss Tang directly asked her to leave. Her face was cold.

Violet wanted to explain more, but she gave up when she saw the cold face of Miss Tang.

"I... Okay. Miss Tang, goodbye. "

After getting out of the car, Miss Tang's car drove away without a moment's lingering.

Watching the car gradually disappearing in the darkness, Violet was a little depressed. She sighed and walked home slowly.

There were always many secrets hidden in the darkness. After leaving, a black car slowly appeared from the shadow. Inside the car, there were only two people, one was Terence and one was Laura.

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