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   Chapter 264 Secretary An Was Not Annus

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Actually, Isla did it not only for Violet, but also for herself.

Violet waved her hands and said, "No, I just asked casually."

The fact that Violet knew Patrick's identity was the same as through Kevin. She was afraid that Jordan would find out that she worked in Patrick's company. Then how should she explain it?

Having known her past, Violet was quite satisfied. Although she didn't know when she could regain her memory, she was not so confused now.

After Violet left, Isla thought of the name "Patrick Yan".


She whispered. The more she thought about this name, the more familiar she felt as if she had heard it somewhere before.

Where was it?

She didn't expect that.

Maybe because she was pregnant, Isla couldn't remember many things in the past. The more she thought about it, the more headache she got. So she just lay down on the bed and went to sleep. 'Maybe I will regain my memory after I wake up?'

As for whether she could still remember it after she woke up, that was what would happen later.

Violet didn't go home or go to the hospital after she left Isla's home. Since she wanted to figure out her memory, she couldn't give up halfway. There was someone who must know where Isla didn't know.

The building of the An's group stood in the third ring, which was not as special as the sound of Hippo Record Company, but because of its tall figure, it became the landmark of the third ring.

Actually, Violet planned to call Kevin in an attempt. But her cell phone was broken because of the car accident. There was no previous number in the new cell phone that Terence bought for her. She might be able to find him in Hippo Record Company, but she didn't dare to work there until everything was settled.

The receptionist heard that Violet came to visit Mr. An, of course she had to make an appointment, but Violet obviously couldn't wait.

"Can I speak to Mr. An in person?" Violet suggested. If she couldn't tell in the phone, she could contact him through the internal telephone.

The receptionist fel

let wished that she had nothing to do with him and would never fall in love with him, let alone coming to the An group. But now she found him. How could he not happiness? But he would not point it out directly. The way Violet treated him after she lost her memory had totally changed. And he liked the woman in front of him now more.

Violet said casually, "I have never been to the An group, so I come here to have a look, and by the way to visit you." Though she seldom contacted Kevin, she could see from his smile that he was actually playfulness. It was better to get the answer by means of devious questioning rather than telling her purpose directly.

Upon hearing her reply, the expression on his face darkened.

"You just stopped by." He said in a sour tone and looked at her with a disappointed expression.

He was tall and had a square face, so her coquetry did not match his image. Violet Tang sincerely explained, "I wouldn't have come here without you." In a word, it was the most important thing to Kevin.

Kevin excited. He gloated over Violet with his gloating eyes. If Violet hadn't known about his affair with Sheryl, she would think he was like her, But she was more cautious because she knew that.

"Do you like Sheryl?" Violet said bluntly. It's a kind of indirect way to solve an problem.

Only by hit, he had no time to prepare his explanation.

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