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   Chapter 203 The Devil's Attack

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"Mom, I..."

"Okay, you can go now. I have to go back with your mother. You'd better go back early if you have nothing else to do. " When Violet was about to explain, Hiram interrupted her directly.

After that, he took Emily away without waiting for Violet's response.

It could be seen that Emily hated Violet so much and even glared at her before she left. The resentment was obvious, which made Violet tremble with fear. It seemed that a moment ago, Emily still liked her a lot, but her face immediately changed.

Violet seemed to be still immersed in her dream. She would rather this was a dream, in which everything that had awakened returned to its original place.

But this was not a dream.

When Violet came to the bedside of Jasmine, she was talking with his brother, talking and laughing. Jasmine looked good and did not look uncomfortable.

As soon as Jasmine saw her, her face darkened. She did not speak, just staring at her.

Turning around, the smile on Terence's face was replaced by a trace of displeasure. All of a sudden, the room was filled with silence.

"Why are you here?" He frowned. It could be seen that whether it was Mr. Hiram and Mrs. Emily, or Terence and Jasmine, they did not like the arrival of Violet, but were full of disgust. It was not until then that she realized she was an outsider. Without the love of Terence, she had no position in the Gu family.

"I'm here to see if Jasmine is better now." She said calmly. No matter how others thought of her, they couldn't force her to do anything she didn't miss. Likewise, no one could ever frame her.

Face with Violet's eyes, Jasmine felt a little awkward. No one knew what had happened better than she did. But if she did not tell, who would believe Violet? With an unnoticeable smile on the corner of her mouth, Jasmine answered tiredly, "Terence, I'm tired. You haven't slept for two days. Go home early and have a rest. " She didn't even look at Violet, not to mention eye contact.

Terence was obed

rm. After a series of rescue, Jasmine's condition was stable.

"What kind of devil is Violet? Why did she do this to my daughter?" Mrs. Emily held a grudge against Violet. She had thought that a weak girl should dare to do this to Jasmine. She had no good impression on Violet, let alone love her.

She even began to regret that she didn't object to Violet's marriage with Terence. But did harm to her daughter in the end.

Actually, Gu family was quite calm, except for Emily's resentment.

"Yeah, why did Jasmine react like this just because she fell down?" Terence said coldly.

His gaze became even colder.

The ward was full of cold factors, which were perfectly suitable to make people shudder.

"Terence, we won't just let it go. It's your sister who is harmed by Violet Tang!" Mrs. Emily was afraid that Terence was not firm enough, so she told the truth about Violet.

Mr. Hiram pulled her sleeve to stop her talking. But Mrs. Emily didn't think she had said enough. Did she have no right to talk about Violet? Hiram was a little worried. Till now, he didn't think that Violet could do anything to Jasmine. But the truth was that he didn't know what to say.

"Mom, I'll take care of this," Terence's words shut Emily up. In the face of his indifference, even his mother, who had raised her, could feel the chill.

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