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   Chapter 201 Why Put her Down

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6707

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Terence's roar had already attracted many people's attention, and Jasmine's cry had also drawn everyone's attention to Violet.

Violet didn't seem to notice. She gazed coldly at Jasmine, not only because of her crying, but also because of her action just now.

Jasmine did it on purpose. The complacence on Jasmine's face dispelled Violet's doubt.

She used to think that Jasmine didn't like her, but in fact, what she hated most was her being with Terence. Even if they were legally married and she was pregnant.

The chair was very high. To make it steady, Violet specially chose a relatively large back seat. Being pushed from such a high seat, Violet did not believe Jasmine wouldn't know what it meant. A common woman would get hurt, let alone a pregnant woman.

With the help of Terence, Jasmine stood up. She crossed one of her legs as if she was injured. She looked at Violet with grievance, but she didn't say anything more. Glancing at Violet coldly, Terence was obviously in a rage.

"She wanted to push me, but she fell down." Violet explained in a hurry. After saying that, she found that there was some objection to this sentence. At least in the view of the present situation, Jasmine did not want her to fall down.

"Shut up." Terence said coldly. He didn't look at Violet, but picked up Jasmine directly.

Violet's heart sank. Terence didn't believe her and even wanted her to shut up. Did she do something wrong again? If it weren't for Jasmine's continuous provocation, how could things be like this? She was so sad and lonely that she was about to burst into tears. But facing a person who no longer trusted her, how could she cry?

"Do you want to take Jasmine to the lounge?" Laura was considerate enough to offer help.

However, Terence shook his head. Then, he passed her and went outside directly. He didn't even look at Violet again, and let her stand in the endless abyss, criticized by everyone.

But neither of them noticed that. A man walked out fro

His eyes were bloodshot. It seemed that he had stayed up all night. Black stubble was all over his chin, and his hair was a bit messy. He looked like a bit embarrassed.

Violet was shocked and wondered whether Terence just spent a night with Jasmine?

His eyes were frightening, but he acted so severely as if he had lost his soul. The look in his eyes was like the devil's gaze, which made people shiver. Fortunately, Violet did not frighten her for a long time, Then Terence spoke.

"Why did you push her?"

He asked 'why' instead of 'what happened'. That was to say, he believed in what Jasmine said. He firmly believed that it was Violet who pushed Jasmine, not Jasmine who was lying. It was absolutely unnecessary for her to explain.

"Do you want to listen to my explanation?" Violet said with hesitation.

In fact, she had planned to tell him everything once he came back. However, what he asked let her down.

The doubt didn't bother him at all. Terence caught a glimpse of the sunlight outside and said, "Jasmine spent the whole night in the hospital, but you stayed at home until noon. Do you have any explanation?" He didn't notice that Violet lost sleep every night and she stayed on the sofa the whole night. What he saw was that Violet, who was covered with the quilt, was sleeping soundly in the warm room.

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